Monday, May 3, 2010

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Sorry for not posting for 2 days as i lazy :X
Okay let talk about Friday...
English MYE~
Then later Geo remedial...
Know our CA1 mark...
I only get B3...
Felt sad as i just reach my target...
Teacher said who didn't bring Geo paper...
Many people rise up their hand...
Okay then go home they change the remedial day...don't know to when...

Early in the morning go Hougang Mall with sister and her boyfriend
I be their 'bulb' =X
We go Mac Donarld
Eat morning breakfast =P
Nice very delicious =)
Then go rent avatar
Then go shopping
Father bring me home =)
Suddenly very miss my father motorbike
That time i still remember my father and the motorbike bring me to school and bring me home
Even if i have the money to buy car
i still will buy motorbike
i like the feeling when you ride
the wind pass by....
Then at home
Play audition until i crazy...=X
Then at night
go out eat dinner
walk walk walk tired~
Reach home
Wait for sister and her boyfriend come back
Then later when they back
we watch diary
but not nice so we go watch avatar =)
Nice sia...So touching
Then later watch finish go sleep
got air-con so very cooling

Early in the morning
crazy with audition
Then eat...
Later at night eat diner
Then go Hougang mall with sister
Go return the disc
Then go shopping
Then buy a present ( is a bottle)
To give to my mum
then later go buy bubble tea
hate that stupid auntie
although she not that old
she stupid like hell sia
Then the bubble tea is so awful
i won't go there buy drink again
then go home~
watch TV
doing homework
On computer do art become blogging
okay lah must go do le byebye =)

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