Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monday and Today XD

Yesterday i forgot want to say what le....But yesterday night i remember very clearly....I teach brother homework...but mother listening...she keep on asking me the same thing again and again...Then i say u very stupid leh...Then she beat me very hard....When sister see this...sister and mother quarrel sister say why u beat her...she already help brother le leh....this is not her work leh...she still have work to do but ,she help u..u still beat her u know u very guo fen ma.......although i quite angry but i still help them lah...so lastly she say sorry to me...And i forgive her as i also got wrong lah...so yah okay liao.....

Today a lot of free time....HEEHEE XD i quite happy =D not because got free so i happy ah actually is something else =-D

D&T~ Finally finish my handphone holder le =D i bring home le...Got time will upload my handphone holder picture =D Then now we doing keychain =D haha =D Keychain do finish mean D&T finish le is Home econ le XD very excited =)

Science~ Have homework =_=|||

Recess~ talking talking XD

Chinese~ Last time do de poem today then give us back XD then we file in the file....Then teacher say me, qiao ling and Calvert do until very well....when we read Calvert poem we laugh until stomachache as he say de all about ghost and very funny =D

PPE~ copy notes =_=|||

English~Teacher didn't come so discuss about today Music instrument and practice as have music test today =X and i don't even know sia...

ICT~ yay go computer lab....Change password liao...then is free time woohoo =X we go rewujie play...XD

Math~Teacher didn't come so we discuss music again but become discuss ghost story haha =D damn funny...Found out that shuanhX2 watch de ghost programme i also got watch haha =D so coincidence...

Music~ Go choir room....Then music test....Our group get 'A' sia lol XD

Today i very happy because of my CA1 mark XD although is CA1 mark but not MYE sob

This is what i got: English=>70.8/100

So this is why i so happy about it =D
Don't know that yesterday is Zi yun birthday...
Sorry for the late wishes but at least i still need to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!~
Okay lah bye =)

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