Tuesday, May 18, 2010


HALOW EVERYBODY!!!~ Do you all miss me??? xD okay lah just kidding.....It be a lot of days i didn't blog, plurk, on com, go school =X It all change!!!! LOL i just being crazy only...Blog go in got a lot of TAG!! Thank you for tagging me =) Plurk....karma drop until i shock!!!....But luckily got Li xuan help =D Thank you =) And haiz.... I didn't go school because i sick...So my MYE mark fly high high LOL =X...Okay lah Monday go school....Because I have no MC left...No lah just kidding cannot don't go school i don't want be like Lim Zhi =X Early in the morning go school assembly in class as it raining outside so yah at classroom =) Then like that lor my school life start...


Assembly suddenly Eugenia faint it shock us...Then teacher bring her to classroom then fan her.... i also fan her as i know faint very xin gu...Then she tio cut on her lower jaw and one side of her face red red....cos she knock on metal thingy...

English~ They play games...we talking and doing IPW...

GPE1~ prepare of vistarian road run....Then i run until i want die sia...around the school and then up to second floor then third floor then.....

Recess~ Buy pasta....Eat until i want vomit sia no taste de =X

Math~ Math teacher didn't come so we do our IPW how i know they end up talking only i and ziyun do only...

Literature~ Teacher say don't copy her sentence but end up lot of my friends copy include me too XD

Chinese~ Play games...their group name so funny hahaha....=D

Geo~ Watch video....Then end up look like science video not geo...Then when i look around i saw that most of my classmates sleeping lol make me tired too lol =X

Science~ Help people stick their photo to a paper then put paper into the report book....Then later end up using the recycle paper folding areoplane then write something about science then staple it to the notice board LOL....

Assembly~ I don't like it =X

Band~ Got band haiz...end up 6:30pm go home lol

Got home, eat, bathing and then sleep =)

Today is the day to decide dead or alive LOL X)

DT~ Opps is Home Econ (HE) forgot le lah.....Anyway didn't bring HE book so share with Lena....The 'real' HE teacher is coming back after 1 or 2 weeks le haiz...die die liao got practical liao...

Half of the HE become geo....See until i want sleep cos don't have mine MYE paper i didn't tested...I MC!!! LOL not good lor...regret that i MC ='(

Science~ Tio shock that first in class is Genie and not Gillian....Teacher mess up...Then end up yi chang huan xi yi chang kong. Then i get 71 so damn happy...=)

Recess~ Eat and drink =P

Chinese~ Pass my chinese. First in class =D Yes finally win Qiao Ling by 0.02 mark...LOL....I get 79.6...

PPE~ Change into History...I FAIL MY HISTORY!!!! i get 43 only so need June holiday go back to NVSS for more tuition....TT.....='(

English~ I pass i get 62.5.

ICT~ make edulearn finish yay... Play rewujie =)

Math~ I pass i get 66 so lousy sia....lol =)

Music~ watch video in Library =)


Today go Library i also borrow a book called wimpy kid ( dog day) Hahaha i love this book wimpy kid =)

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