Friday, May 28, 2010

Wednesday and thursday and today =P

Sorry for not posting for such a long days...


History~ Become Geo....Then later history lor...Going through history test paper...Then found mistake on my test....Tell teacher...Teacher say cannot change mark le nevermind...Luckily that mark is my extra mark hahaha =) thank for the mistake =)

Literature~ file the paper lor...

CDP~ The prefect get scolded then we all write a letter and then fold into a shape then give to them...I give to Qiao Ling she also give me cos we just sit beside..It easy to pass hahaha =) actually we cheat de lor...

Science~ Another teacher come in then we discuss our science project lor....

Then Geo teacher come in scold our class for being noisy...Then we all stay back until 3pm then can go home...I bet many people sure say geo teacher very what but i think is our class very what lor cos he already give warning and they all just don't cooperate...



English~ we present lor....Damn what lor...I use all my voice say the words out they still say louder idiot...

GPE1~ playing duo bi qiu... Girls VS Boys then girls win hahaha =)

Recess~ eat and drink

HE~ will miss the teacher de....Then we all relax lor....

Math~ play games...but we end up chatting =P

Chinese~ she never come again WOOHOO free time =) But our ppe project group by teacher we liek damn damn DAMN ANGRY LOR...Idiotic... Group to the person we don't like WTF

Science~ Teacher angry cos of issac....Then become claira.....

Art~ they all playing games example: badminton, netball, basketball etc. I didn't play i help them take care of their things and then i is play handphone heehee =)

Reflection~ i wipe whiteboard with shuangX2 and table...teacher gives us chocolate xD Then take report book....can't believe i pass all subject and was top 10 in class ( i is ranking 7) and top 10 in NA level (i ranking 7 again) hahaha so damn happy then top 10 pupil all must go infront and then teacher capture photo of us =) then like that lor xD teacher give us chocolate too...and sweet xD

Then i saw Jianing at canteen so sit with her then she help me buy drink xD then later we go band....

Band~ Blow lor......Nothing funny...cockroach also lost....Claire got come =) then blow lor....although i and claire is main band liao but still cannot go national band concert...cos we no experience...actually we can go de lor...But all thank to the band BOSS idiotic...

HOME SWEET HOME =)(found out my chocolate melt my pocket like shit haiz...=X)

Holiday to me is a chamm period...haiz...many project...many many many....

Project have : PPE, Science, History and Geo , Geo , history. (luckily is group the person i want except PPE *angry*)

then holiday need go back to school almost everyday lah....For tuition and band (french horn =D)
But anyway we band have go out lah....we go cedar Girls secondary school and Go Esplanade heard AMK sec band lor

And lastly here is my MYE result =)

English= 65.6


Math= 74.7

Science= 70.8






Civics& Moral education= C

Music= A

ICT skill= A


class position = 7/41

Level position= 7/81

Okay lah bye =)

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