Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hate die that stupid insect

Hello Everyone! Yesterday night after i off my computer. I go to my room read book. Then got one stupid insect fly and landed on my hand. Firstly i don't know at all. Suddenly my hand is super pain. I thought it was an red ant bit me but when i look...It was an insect! No wonder so pain....X2 pain lor. Then of course i make that insect away. Then i continue reading my book. Then my hand is really really REALLY VERY PAIN! i can't bear any longer so i go take a look. Found out that my hand got one dot and bleeding. So i squeeze out the blood and then go wash my hand. Then pour medicines in it. Walao hate die that insect sia. My hand redred=( But now okay le....Yesterday night also got chat with Li wen in sms. Then later i sleep. Today wake up at 7:45am. Then go out. Go school with Claire. Then fall in. Then later we have drill. Then like that lor. Very tired -.- Then saw Qiao Ling and Claira. Then i shout them Jiayou xD. Then later Go home. But the door is lock and i don't have keys so i go grandmother house. Then go inside eat durians xD and noodles. Then later parents come back so go back to my house. Playing computer audition xD. Then Li wen call me so we chat for a while. Then later off computer eat dinner. Then later watch TV then i go bathe. Then watch TV again. Is killing people and then the police solved the cases. hahaha =) i like this kind of show. Mystery....Then later watch finish. Studying. Then later can't study anymore so yah on computer lor. So now blogging. Gonna watch hello baby le. Bye !
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