Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This is durian xD no lah this is cake xD Tomorrow my father birthday so we buy cake lor...And the flavour is durian of course =p sure very delicious de =P
This is how i wear when i go esplanade x)

This is me and chole

This is the Esplanade xD

This is Alfi and Claire xD they are not couple please don't get the wrong idea they have BF AND GF le xD

This is the esplanade water...downstair is carpark

Yesterday watch TV...watch until 4:20 am....Then i go sleep...sleep until 1:45pm wake up...Then go eat lunch then later facebooking...Then dinner time...eat lor...Then now blogging...

Still worrying something...UAE project! 11/6/10 must pass up but until now we didn't even do...haiz...How???

Okay i think is time to upload pictures =)

bye !
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