Wednesday, June 23, 2010

sorry, computer spoil. now at land

sorry for not blogging and plurk for this few days. Because my computer spoil. So yah mei de jiu le. Then is damn lag. lag until i fed up when playing audition. Okay now i and li wen is at land so yah we blog and play together. Scare that i will forget some interesting things so yah i type it in my phone so won't my story a little bit weird.

yesterday i watch tv until 4.30am then i read book until 5.30am then father come back home so i go eat bread then i end up 6.30am then sleep.Then i 12.45pm wake up then go out with ziyun and qiao ling. Then we go KFC eat and discuss our science project. Then later we go arcade play. First time play ice rink so i lose lor, but i second time i win because got qiao ling help me. Qiao ling pro at all games lor.Then we play many games, also got play bowling...too nice le. we also play the games that have many ball then we need to throw the ball at the crocodile mouth. cos that is children play de so very short de so we all take many ball at one time and throw in but cos too many balls so qiao ling need to use her hands and go into the crocodile mouth to let the ball go through hahaha(: Then play many many games lah. Then later go walk walk. Then saw a very big pooh so cute but when i saw the price totally want faint. $40 sia. Then i tell qiao ling that when i birthday must give me this present ah... hahaha =) i very bad hor. Then later go toilet then i and ziyun go to kid toilet play xD. Then go home... at home eat duck rice then go bathe then play com but internet soisoi again so yah cannot blog so i type it in phone scare forget okay lah..byebye :)

Now is 3.45am so counted as yesterda... Yesterday i go to band then yah play lor...our band teacher didn't come so i take the history room key and let them in so we play lor...Then later break go eat then go back to band room then play with main band then talk talk play play then play finish i go wash container then yah fall in everyone tio pumping 15... Then later go home lor...Then eat then sleep then bathe then help sister packing books cos we want to donate the books to the poor.Then internet spoil so i scare forget so write down in phone....Oh yah and that millipede thingy...It so disgusting...cos i put my bag outside band room then Callie saw millipede at my bag but she didn't make the millipede away she so bad lor. IDIOT!

Tuesday nothing to say aiya say today lah. Today is wednesday...Computer spoil so i ask li wen go out with me do project.Firstly we go eat lunch first then go library do history project. Then later called siew ching found out that she at library upstair so we go find her. Then later do finish history project. we go upstair find her lor. Then later i do finish science homework then asking them a math question...Then later we say byebye to siew ching then i and li wen now at land lor hahaha okay lah byebye...

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