Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Sorry for not blogging for a few days...
busy and lazy to post =X
Okay continues my story..
On air-con right?
Then when we sleep ( i sleep with my sis =D)
we talk...
talk until 4:30am then sleep.
Then early in the morning
wake up at about 7:30am
then 8:54am walk to school
Then claire AND me and other also late for band
but i and claire special.
No need get pumping.
they counted me as no late xD
Then play lor...
then we didn't go band room blow...
we go classroom..
then the teacher teach us half way give us break about 15 min
but when we back the teacher didn't come...
then someone fighting (they play play only)
then many people video it...
then they threaten a boy to give money or else she put it to blog. youtube and show it to teacher.
So in the end a lot people earn only $4.
Then they also deleted the video
Then 2 hour later...
teacher still didn't come
so i and many other go out the classroom
back to the classroom...
Teacher didn't come lol
Then Chloe and Jianing come up and say is break le can go down or go out and eat
Then we have like 1 hour break...
then disgusting thing happen...
I eating Oreo...then i go buy 2 seaweed chicken.
Then Callie go buy chicken rice plus 3 seaweed chicken...
Then when Callie want eat finish she spotted many ant at her seaweed chicken and rice...
OMG i totally want to vomit sia..
somemore when we eat we got say a lot of ant story =P
Then we quickly go buy drink and drink...of course thrown away the food lah
Then we go but seaweed at the other store...
haiz...the boy so cute
a small little boy
the one who sell the seaweed de...so cute xD
okay lah then i saw Qiao Ling
Then we chat lor
then later
go back to classroom
then move to the other classroom
then the other teacher teach us...
then go band room keep our instrument
then is french horn turn to arrange the chair blah blah blah so we do lor...
thought that we no need fall in but in the end need.
Then liang hao laugh at us end up he also need to fall in and he still need do 60 pumping.
cos he late =P
huo kai lor =P
then i and Liang Hao want sweet so Claire give us
Yummy~ then raining zzz...
walk home with Jianing...
luckily got umbrella...
then at home bath...eat...playing audition..
Level up le
16 xD
My front tooth want drop le...
and i know that if drop there no tooth to replace le sad :'(


Morning eat breakfast...noodle =P
Then see TV programm
then blog now...
Tonight going esplanade with band member...
Luckily is wearing home clothes...
Maybe 10pm or 11pm go home..
and facebook is damn lag lor...
because of the 1n1 student keep on spamming(comment)
feel like killing them right now
is not fun or funny lor..
idiotic lah
okay lah bye =)
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