Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today--> band xD

Guess who is who hands? (i rotate the pic)
Our hands xD

Today i have band. Thought i will be late for school again didn't happen xD. Then later fall in. Then set our instrument and then go upstairs.But before that we have band tee le, it just that only need to pay$$...but my band tee is way too BIG! i want small but they say only have medium LOL D= okay continue my story. Then play lor..........Have rest too of course. Then later break. I, Callie, Jianing and Claire go to veri nice coffee shop eat. I go buy kueh eat. It is delicious =d. Then go back to school, hahas quite fun as Claire go use her water bottle touch the cocoon. But later we found out, that things is not a cocoon. Is ants home??? Aiya just something like an ants (can fly). Because when Claire touch it, something fly out x.x It is so disgusting so we run away xD. Not only 1 'cocoon' is many. Then later reach school...nothing to do so we use Jianing phone to take photos xD. Then later i and Claire go back to Classroom. Then play lor. Also have break lah. But only 10min LOL -.- Then later go bandroom, keep our instrument then fall in again. Then yah, tomorrow have band again =_= Wear our PE attire as we doing drill (sian -.-) Then yah then Home sweet home xD

Then go home eat dinner. Bread =D have ham and cheese WOW =d yummy! Then later i sleep (v.v Zzzz...) Then wake up, go bathe and now blogging. I will not watch hello baby today as it is quite late and my sister now is sleeping... Okay lah. Gonna off computer le. Bye bye ^.^
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