Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yesterday quite late then sleep cos i hungry so i go eat some cookies...Then Read book too. Then about 1:10am then go sleep. Today 8am wake up. Then luckily my father help me carry french horn to school. Half way to school saw Jianing. Then reach school we both late. But not only me lah still got other people. 12 min late, need to do 20 pumping =X. Claire didn't come i was so loney but luckily have Callie and Jianing. Then play a lot of songs. Can't pitch high notes sad :'(
Okay lah then want go home we 3 go buy drinks. Then later Callie go home first. Then i accompany Jianing to the toilet as she want go. So i waited outside. Then outside the school gate. Security Guide ask me some of the Chinese words, and she also ask me to write down the words (her pattern really look like my mum =X) So i and Jianing help her lor =). Then later i accompany Jianing to the bus-stop. then we talk then go home.
Then later at home, eat dinner.
Then watch TV
Then go bathe
Then play audition
Then go youtube search for Shinee and Clarinet( they play tie da ni hao, bad romance, pokerface and more)
Then can't find French Horn sad
Then play poker
Then let my sister see the RING DING DONG-SHINEE
she love that song xD
okay lah got to study
Bye =)
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