Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hello everyone, i think i should blog again(: Okay lah continue my long a go story xD. That day, i go out with Li Wen. I very happy =D. Then Li Wen take MRT. I and Siew Ching walk home together and then talk and then wait for my bus to come :). Finally it come but full with peoples. I don't care. I just squeeze inside, then later have place le i sit down lor. Then later more people come so yah i stand up give sit to an old lady. But she say she 闪到腰 don't want sit. So i sit back lor. The later reach home eat lor. Then bathe then watch TV. Then sleep. Today I wake up at 11:30am Then later 4:30pm go downstair do project with Ziyun and Clive. Then later Clive go home first. Then I and Ziyun do and talk then do finish we sit there sms to Eugenia and Claira. We give them timing, if they didn't reply on time they sure die. Okay lah...When i go home, i eat chicken rice then later watch Taboo. So damn scary. They very poor so they sleep at the grave then their work is take dead body and then still saw their lung, brain, fat....Oh yah and their heart. But I learn alot about Taboo and i like this show...They all very brave. Then later I go bathe then watch Hi My Sweetheart. Always watch until I cry....Okay lah, then now gonna sleep...Byebye:).

Currently watching Full House...Nice show! Bye(:

Currently watching Full House then watch finish...I watch GONG so now is 1:20am later must wake up go school so yah bye =)

Today go school with Ziyun. Then later timetable change...So we wear P.E. for nothing...Then no English today. I mean have but our form teacher they all 'eat' it away so i bring English books for nothing too. Then later Literature, then do worksheet lor. Then later is recess, so i go buy drink. Then later is Chinese...Teacher give us storybook...Aiya not give lah is we buy de...Then later Geo then do worksheet lor then later is ICT so go computer lab. All computer change...Change to Ziyun computer xD. Then later do finish the Pishing survey. I, Ziyun,Lena and Jiaxiang go play rewujie. Then play finish we go back to class for Math lesson the later is Science...Have surprise test =(. Sure fail de. is about ecosystem...we didn't even learn yet... Then later is assembly...Listen to Vice-principal talk talk...Listen until i want sleep.Then later is BAND!!! play with main band then later is go upstair play then got 10 minutes break so walk around lor. Then later play finish teacher want a book that Claire and I forgot to bring down so we go bandroom embarrassing lor...everyone looking at you leh...Then later Claire didn't go in with me lor idiot. Then play finish fall in then go home...At home eat rice lor. Then watch TV a while then later go bathe then watch TV Then pack bag now want sleep le bye=)

Today go school with Ziyun. It raining...Then we assembly at classroom lor then nothing interesting...But the most interesting is Chinese teacher bring Mic today then everyone say WAH TEACHER U WANT SING 'K' AH...then Qiao Ling say TEACHER WANT GO 开演唱会 hahahahaha =) it so funny =D then today first time go home econs lab....very unlucky is MX siting behind he keep push my chair and pull my hair. I fed up scold them then MX say is dominic...Then later go canteen eat eat then go home with Ziyun then later bathe then sleep lor so now is 2:05am okay lah gonna sleep bye =)

Today go school. Nothing interesting ...Morning want late le cos i and Sharmin run as she and i wait for my mum to take take Geo textbook and File that all bye =)

Nothing really interesting just say that at Chinese lesson do zuo wen. But then our class is damn noisy...Teacher also cannot tahan....Then is like class so noisy plus i doing zuo wen... I NEED SOEM PEACE! it so annoying lor... reflection time is the most fun de...give us chocolates...chocolates cake and more then yah i eat it lor xD then still have sweet left so teacher give us question about them...Then they ask the question like why is his girlfriends name...what time he married...but then our class want guess 1 of our teacher weight then he say don't want. Then the teacher that want mrried le said i and our science teacher together de weight still less than his...then our geo teacher say how can u like that say..hahahas=) then we all laughing laughing and laughing. hahas=) it also fnd out that my geo teacher secondary cca is band , he play flute...then band the most interesting is our band teacher...he want kick a boy then when he kick his shoes fly away hahahas=) then ya we all laughing= then later go set up our instrument blah blah blah...oh ya very happy that i have tuner le xD then later fall in again cos want go home le but then end up 7:30pm then go home...The STUPID ex band people lah talking Talking TALKING!!!! talk more than our principal!!!! TALK ROT TALK RUBBISH!!!~=X then need to take form when i take form i was like wtf?? why like that de i want rest!!! now every saturday have band sia.where my rest? i am not main band lor. we don't have di wei we don't have anything de...then i use running back home. Then at home eat lor then bathe. Do homework do until sleep...tell mum to wake me up tio scolding then later sleep until 2:30am i wake up pack bag and do finish my homework okay lah bye:)

Today first period is art then come a new teacher teaching us. His request is damn much then later we need to go infront & introduce yourself but then alot of people choose that teacher ask them question..Of course i ask choose teacher ask me question then happen a lot of funny things example: Simon say he want to become president...then alot of people laughing at him...Qiao Ling say if he really is president ....Singapore sure kua de...then some people say don't be zong tong lah be la ji tong tong or maybe ma tong then we all laughing=D then issac want to be guideology( don't know how to spell) he say he want help people giving birth...then teacher ask Cai Yue where she always hang out places...when she say anywhere then somebody from behind shout underwear hahaha=D we all laugh like crazy lor.....then later is history so we copy notes lor.then later is recess...then go eat then when we eat finish we chat then chat until half way shangX2 shout run ah... So we run cos darren want throw ice on us... then later CDP haiz...boring lah then teacher change our place I end up siting with Simon again... Miss Qiao ling...then later English do worksheet lor then Chinese very funny the boys gang keep on talking and shouting then teacher angry make us stay back ...Already half year she still can't remember our name alamak -.- then later go home...then at home i press the ring button but nobody answer ...luckily grandmother want go out so i can ask her for my keys then later saw that father is sleeping LOL -.- then later bathe then read book do homework then sleep a little then eat dinner then read book then watch tv until is 4:38am okay lah tomorrow have band so yah bye =)

Today have band so i go lor...Claire late from school haiz...then she play until 2:45pm then go church....Then i alone liao then play horizon:) then like that lor then 4pm go home ...Then go home sleep then wake up eat dinner then sleep again then bathe then watch tv until is 5:20am okay lah want sleep le bye=)

Today nothing much... only at night go out eat dinner then later only me and sister take care of brother cos parents go out buy fan...Then watch TV lor....Computer haven back yet.. haiz..then later eat tibit then parents come back le... so i go sleep lor as i stomachache then they on air-con i didn't:(

Today didn't go school, because is youth day? Don't know lah...Then i early in the morning arr like about 9:30am wake up cos yesterday very early sleep. But then i wake up go toilet then fall sleep again -.- then later became 11:30am wake up then go out eat breakfast Then go fairprice shop then later go home help mother clean rooms. Then later read book then watch TV, eat tibits...Then eat dinner then bathe then eat and watch TV then sleep...So now is 11:30pm I gonna sleep le byebye =)

Today nothing much to say lah....(But i still say a lot xD) Today go school with Ziyun. Then later is English so yah do english worksheets lor. Then later is P.E. do chinese hoscope...I keep failing so..I just fed up lor. But i will keep trying until i pass de =) JIAYOU!!!~(: Then later is recess then music.haiz...boring lah... then science do homework.See powerpoint then later is chinese...haiz...-.- sian lor keep on copying bi ji then teacher keep on scolding then they all keep on making alot of noise...Then later is Math. Teacher didn't come but still have homework so we do finish pass up to Eugene lor... Then later is home econs. Then do workbook... some i refer to book de, some i use think de, some i copy people de =P Then later go buy things eat and drink. Then walk home with Ziyun:) Then at home i felt very disappointed as my computer haven come back yet...Then later go bathe then do homework then eat then do homework. Then watch tv then sleep lor...Okay le lah now is 12am le bye-.-zZZ...

Yesterday night i packing bag half way, i am shock that who call my mum handphone at this time(very late le) and why my mum on handphone at night(she won't on HP at night de) Then later found out is father call de. He work half day today so he asking us want to eat xiao ye. Then everyone want except me don't want.Then later he come back. He also got take chicken pie=) Then i still eat with them lah xD then later they talk until phone...Then they say my phone already cover spoil le still want use..Then suddenly my sister say if the cover spoil the battery will flow then it will shock me when i hold it.She also say if the battery become 凹凸不平 it mean want explore le. Then i go see my battery is it 凹凸不平. Then it really is so my parent quickly ask me change. So i change into touch screen phone lor. Is LG de. I miss my old phone T-T Haiz... Then later eat finish i go sleep Then 9:30am wake up. Go school with Ziyun then we like keep on feeling that someting bad will happen then really is! Ziyun locker key forgot to take then all her tings inside(not really all) Then we quite worry. Then our class keep on saying I bet Germany lah I bet spain lah.LOL They gambling lor. Then later we go outside the classroom to take pledge Then later First period is science. So we copy notes on textbook and then underline the important part Then later is History. So copy notes lor. and tear out the page to do. Next period is English, then we do correction lor. Then later is PPE the teacher talk rubbish lor. Call what group lah then later is Math then teacher tell us do cut shape out nd then make a picture. Then i and Ziyun do a house:) Then later go home with Ziyun. Yah like that only...Bye =)

Today is Thursday...Then nothing is really interesting then later i have band so yah band is the most fun cos me, Chole, callie, and Jianing is playing someting fun lah... About dead dragonfly hahahas:) and we keep take picture on each other...Then they run with disagree haha=) the Jianing very clever she use video de then i keep on laughing until non stop. Then Chole ask me: Fann u didn't eat medicine ah? Then i say: I got eat ah but i eat wrong medicine haahaha=) then we keep laughing again. Then she also say that Claire being punish by teacher cos she write who rape by who so got caught and then punish to write an apologize letter then she also say at assembly must read to everyone listen. Then later on she got come then we go to the AVA room then play lor.Also laugh alot...And when Joesphe carry his instrument up he knock his head and drop his mouth piece haha =) we all laugh. Then we also got French Horn bage haha=) very nice sia oh yah we also got talk about ghost Then lastly we don't dare to go home so me, Claire and Rachael walk home together. Then reach home le i eat then watch tv and i also go bathe then later do homework Then i sleep then i dream of Liang Hao and JianPing is couple then they got down the bus then i also on the bus then danish keep on pull my hair so i scold him then don't know why my english teacher at there then like everything is i wrong so i argue then also argue with danish. Aiya very complicated then i wake up then pack bag then study then sleep so bye! +_+ =)


Walk to school with ZiYun. Then first period is Art. Then art teacher didn't come. IDIOT LOR! I bring a lot of art stuffs leh. So we have 2 period free time. So we talk and Study Science together. But we study until playing. Me, Ziyun, Lena, ShuangX2, Reichi. Sharmin and Darren write something on the bian li tian then we stick to other people back. Hahahas :) Is damn fun xD we write this: -Kick me! -I am chikobeh..-Hug me! - Kiss my ass! - Kick my ass! - I love Ting Ling. - I love Fatithah. - stalker.....and more lah hahaha =) Then later is History. History is so damn clever. He say you all better don't learn from 1n2 ah. Stop paste paper at people back. Then we was shock lor. How he know ah? Then we have History surprise test but then is open book de. But i sure die die..sure fail de lah. Then is recess. Then later is CDP. Then don't have science test then i was like wtf? I keep on study at art time and recess time leh in the end don't have! All because of my bad mouth lor. Cos i at recess say to Ziyun this: You see i study so hard later in the end don't have test i will kill the teacher. But in the end really don't have. Idiot! But nevermind lah. At least have 2 days to let me study. Then CDP we do about flood lor. What is our thought lor. Then later is English haha:) Fun! Teacher pull down the projector screen then in the end knock until his head haha :) Then shirley and Sim Jun keep on like making the tables stand in 2 legs so the teacher say u make it 1 more time your whole 2 period stand on 2 legs. Then later Benjamin make the table stand on no leg so the 'cher say u make it again u make the table stand in no leg until 3 month. While the 'cher say this he spotted Kelvin use his ruler beat the fly haha=) Then the 'cher say kelvin, everyone homework is to pass up worksheet your homework is pass up a fly then we all laugh. Then later 'cher tell us to act a show hahaha :) is damn funny we can't stop laughing!
Act 1: MX: waiter
Shirley: GF
Kelvin: BF
Sim Jun: manager
Then the story is they spotted cockroach on their wine...Then they talk until got vaulger come out hahaha!!! But before that 'cher got let us watch a slid show about how to act then we all ask the same question. we say 'cher why the GF saw the cockroach still smile? Then the 'cher say is difficult to find her scream faces.Okay lah then Act 2: MX:BF
Damien:GF(a guy xD)
Lim Zi: manager
Shirley: waiter
Then we all say why GF & BF is boys? gay ah hahaha=) Then they say yah...Then they also say until become vaulger haha:) is so damn funny. Then later is Chinese lesson haiz...boring TTM lah we do zuo ye lor. Then 'cher make us stay back a little while lor. Then the 'president' Simon didn't come so class won't be so noisy finally have some little peace. Then later walk home with Ziyun. Ziyun say Lena lost $10 then she want her and Darren each paid $5 sia then she say it so unfair. I like that think so . They didn't steal her money why must paid? Then later we go shop N save buy sweet. I buy the sweet is very very sour then in the end very sweet de. Then like that lor. byebye
Next time then continue here(not new post) byebye=)

Today mother wake me up because they say go Hougang eat and buy my school shoes. So we go duck rice store eat. Then at there mosquito bite me twice. Then later a thing landed on my arm. When i take a close look...I totally freak out...It is a bee!!! OMG i quickly make it away and run then later we didn't buy school shoes we buy slippers, then yah like that lor. Then we go father de sister de house. Then yah like that lor play handphone games Eat durians then later we go toilet then go home.Then at home. i read book then become my father clean the room then later i clean my own room lor. Then yah like that lor then at night we eat maggie mee. Then later grandmother and xuan xuan come to our house. Then my parents go out buy something cos they tomorrow go see grandfather. Then i shut myself in the room then record down i read the story then listen xD. Then later they come back le so yah grandmother go home lor. Then like that lor i go sleep and a piece of good news.

Early in the morning, i wake up. Then writing diary. Then later my mother go see his father (mean our grandfather) So i say byebye lor.Then later brush teeth then eat roti prata and biscults then later teach my brother homework until i want vomit blood. But luckily Li xuan help me find Malaysia president is who and other more question. Thank You li xuan!!! You are my brother 救命恩人 xD. Okay lah then i reading book lor. Then later is dinner time so i and my mother, father and brother eat porridge. Duck and guan tou thingy then eat porridge. Then i eat 2 bowl of porridge because mother say must eat cos nobody eat le. So i eat lor. is so damn full. Then later eat finish I study for my science. But still nothing go in to my head. Then later bathe then read science again haiz... still nothing go into my head so yah now writing this lor. So tired ...Okay lah bye!

Today go school with Ziyun. Then later reach school accompany her to locker. She tell me she have bad feeling. But i think the bad feeling didn't come lah. Today, first lesson is english. Teacher didn't come so don't have test still have 1 hour free period. Then later is literature. Then talk about the notes again. Found out that teacher also got watch soccer match. Then later is recess. I eat lo mai kai. Then later is Chinese lesson, copy bi ji lor. Then later teacher say our class too noisy...but...who care?!? Then later is History,copy notes again. Then is ICT. It is about scoofing. Password hacking blah blah blah... Then do finish go fiind tropical rainforest and then find malaysia flag. Then later I go facebooking... Then blog and then plurk..poor thing my karma drop until 46.00 something haiz... Then later is math lesson. No textbook stand outside the classroom. Luckily i got bring. Then later is science. Science have science test. I study alot but end up 1 question come out only. Plus that test paper we do it before. But i not really can answer those question.Later is assembly...thought that it will change to science lesson but in the end don't have. We talk about olympic thingy...Then later is band like that lor. Thought that we have test but in the end don't have ...still very happy that we won silver at national band concert...Okay lah like that only byebye... Tomorrow photo taking wish photo come out will be nice. =)

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