Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hello xD I decided to use new post cos that post is sibei long. Okay let start my grandmother story xD

Go school with Ziyun
First period is English. Have test today, we go to the library then do test.
Second period is P.E. we play duo bi qiu. I play until i blur blur ~~. Wish i am la bi xiao xin ^^.
Third period is recess! I eat eggtart xD delicious.
Fouth period is Music. They play a lot of song, all about Singapore de lah boring!
Fifth period is Science. Teacher actually not angry de we also don't have HW de...Don't know who make her angry become we have HW and is a lot lor. Then she also suddenly want check HP. But she say only conficated those who on HP de. Then i was like phew~
Sixth period is Chinese. We read the tree and children story.
Seventh period is Math. Do lor. But i can't finish so i go home do.
Eighth period is Home econs. the 'cher say our home econs 'cher is coming back so we...yah like that lor. Then do HW. Do finish pass up then go home. I didn't go home.I go canteen eat. Eat finish go home with ZY and Reichi. Then Cecilia shout then she just opposite so we say Bye bye to reichi so me and Zy go there. Then i found is TingLing fall down from the stairecase. She crying she worried she can't dance as her leg swollen and bone a little bit broke so she can't move. Her right hand bleeding, uniform is torn(not big) Then we saw eugene so we ask him help us go school tell the teacher then he tell Miss heng so we saw that Miss heng and mr rashidi, we all like ohhh!~Then Miss heng carry TL to his car and then cecilia accompanying her. So i and ZY go home . Then at home i can't eat dinner =P then i go bathe then do HW yah like that bye! Wish her get well soon.

Very sian next time then type =P.

Nothng much...Just another 1 hour is my birthday le yay!!~
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