Friday, August 27, 2010


Hello(: so long didn't blog liao.... indeed happen the Monday bad luck day....A lot of test and Quarrel with my senior....Okay don't talk about it....I think i didn't say that we that time do digital waves right? I remember it on Wednesday...Later on we still play games....roundness...Then the 1E3 people cheat...Then we get third but overall we get champion hahaa =D Okay let talk about 24 August 2010 :) it is a happy day for me :) we go Suntec city watch Handball games....OMG we still need to go through the scanner and then they keep our sharp objects...LOL....Then later ya like that i go through the scanner found out that my wallet cannot go through...but then they allow me to bring :) Then later ya like that lor haiz....Oh yah saw 2 rainbow...First time saw 2 rainbow hahaha i will upload the picture when i free...Oh yah today have band dinner, i didn't go...They say didn't go must pay $11...Okay lah pay lor...Then ya YOG already no more? okay lah =) bye (:

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hello!!!~ Finally doctor approve me can go school le...I miss school =( Didn't go school for 2 weeks seh.... First time so long didn't go school...I miss band especially my French Horn and senior =X Haiz....Oh yah yesterday is Claire birthday =) HAPPY BIRTHDAY =) Then just now have fun with Li xuan, Pei Ni and Pei Ni brother =) Playing viwawa together....So fun =D i love it =) But i have a feeling that Monday i go school sure have unlucky thing happen....I think it will at band time....Okay lah anyway it just feeling =) Then we play viwawa...Wahjong and the most fun game buffet War... So fun man xD we also got chat in viwawa....about something and something =) is good and bad luh =) okay lah byebye =)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Watch finish le...

Hello everyone =) Just watch finish Shinee de hello baby... so sad =) Key and Minho cry...:'( But i also know the other 3 also very jing they all have feeling ma...Onew finally carry the yoogen:) Okay lah, Now i'm going to watch hello baby SNSD =D Or maybe tomorrow watch??? I don't know... Recently drawing =) Hahaha =) have homework...Worksheets...Didn't do yet xD haiz...don't feel like doing luh... Oh yah i at blog forgot to say CIP thingy... We do a box using straws??? Yah...Then like that lor...Didn't get choosen....I like Qiao ling group and Shirley group...they do Domo and Patrick respectively....The cartoon is so real and nice... Maybe i will upload the photo someday??? Then CIP finish we use Mr sofiam computer to find song on youtube...then they find song called baby...Then our whole class sing(including me) Then Issac and Simon at infront sing the louder....we only at the back sing then sing until very loudly....=) Even other classes come to see what our class is doing. Then we was like very high??? The next day ShuangX2 upload the video then have a lot of comment come in....Most of our class like that video then yah alot of comment...It spam my noticfication and inbox(email)...LOL but i also quite happy =D i enjoy myself on that day =) I find that our class although very mischeif...But when come together, we cooperate and do our best...I find that when they do work or play game they all very serious de... Oh my god i think i like my class le xD

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Woohoo!!!~ Watching show in afternoon...WOW SUPER JUNIOR AND SNSD ROCK!!!~ Firstly i thought super junior didn't sing sorry sorry...But lastly it did sing HAHAHAHA =D I AM SO DAMN HAPPY...And i also quite surprise that snsd sing GEE.... I thought they will sing run devil run....LOL anyway they ROCKZ!!!!....I LOVE YOU!!!~ Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!!!!~ Then later on i draw anime xD okay lah byebye =)

Monday, August 9, 2010


OMG!!~ I thought my senior won't care about me... I thought when i not in band they will 谢天谢地...But i was wrong...And i very happy that i was wrong =D They still care!!! They call me and sms me to get well and tell me to chiong water =D Okay =) i listen...I really chiong water... Everyday chiong water....But at National Day i did not turn up....I was sad...I still sick so cannot perform....But Senior didn't blame me instead they say Get well soon... You no need come... =) I was so happy. I felt so 温馨...xD THEY STILL CARE!!!~ I must treat them 好一些 already....
Haiz... sad.... Tio HFMD... stay at home 1 weeks already still need to stay i think...haiz...I miss school....I sure miss out a lot of fun....Haiz....I miss band too... Haiz... Wish i get well and go back school...But anyway i don't have fever le...Thank to water xD hahaha =) okay lah byebye =)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hello readers =D. I was so happy that i didn't tio hand foot and mouth disease xD. But my brother have....So i need to stay away from him xD. I very bad hor~....=X Then yah like that lor....Fever keep go up and down like very fun like that lor idiot... Haiz... I really wish our life can rewind...Now Fann(me) is not like last time Fann le...Haiz...Now people joke with me i will thought they accuse me...Why can't i just 看开 a little bit? They are just joking!! And now i still will lie to friends...I mean i last time also will lie lah but now....IS NOT THE SAME!! When they ask Homework do finish le ma, i will say no but actually sometime is yes i do finish le... When they ask me about homework i will say don't know...When they copy my work...I felt happy because at exam they sure don't know how to do and then they fail...Now i learn to say No to everybody...OMG i become worse =( how?? haiz... Example...Li wen ask me a lot of question about audition...I won't 乐意 or proper de answer her...Cos i think she laugh at me...Laugh at me that i can't play...LOLz weird right? I just have that kind of feeling...But anyway Li wen please don't mind cos is not your problem is mine problem...i think i now at 叛逆期 so become like that...anyway i don't really trust everyone nowaday...I also don't know why...Haiz...Because of PSLE take result that day??? my answer not confirm....only can say maybe.. Everyday go back home my mother sure nag at me...sometime i didn't argue with her i just do my thing but sometime i will quarrel with her...But luckily if sister at home she sure will help de...She always say mother can you shut up. Back from school already very tired and 烦 already u still nag. I think my sister go through this so she know...Haiz...Anyway i alter my skirt le...until knee...for me is quite short le Not really use to it...Maybe because i don't like wearing dress or skirt ba. Okay lah byebye =)

Monday, August 2, 2010


Hello everyone. I was very happy that a lot of people wish me happy birthday =D Hahaha Thank you people =). I also receive a lot of present =) I was very happy =D Then later saturday go Lavender buy marching shoes...Then sick....Today go see doctor....Doctor say maybe i and my brother tio hand foot and mouth disease. =( I was so sad :'( Tomorrow go check again, to comfirm. I wish tomorrow they will say oh u don't have. haiz..