Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hello!!!~ Finally doctor approve me can go school le...I miss school =( Didn't go school for 2 weeks seh.... First time so long didn't go school...I miss band especially my French Horn and senior =X Haiz....Oh yah yesterday is Claire birthday =) HAPPY BIRTHDAY =) Then just now have fun with Li xuan, Pei Ni and Pei Ni brother =) Playing viwawa together....So fun =D i love it =) But i have a feeling that Monday i go school sure have unlucky thing happen....I think it will at band time....Okay lah anyway it just feeling =) Then we play viwawa...Wahjong and the most fun game buffet War... So fun man xD we also got chat in viwawa....about something and something =) is good and bad luh =) okay lah byebye =)
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