Friday, August 27, 2010


Hello(: so long didn't blog liao.... indeed happen the Monday bad luck day....A lot of test and Quarrel with my senior....Okay don't talk about it....I think i didn't say that we that time do digital waves right? I remember it on Wednesday...Later on we still play games....roundness...Then the 1E3 people cheat...Then we get third but overall we get champion hahaa =D Okay let talk about 24 August 2010 :) it is a happy day for me :) we go Suntec city watch Handball games....OMG we still need to go through the scanner and then they keep our sharp objects...LOL....Then later ya like that i go through the scanner found out that my wallet cannot go through...but then they allow me to bring :) Then later ya like that lor haiz....Oh yah saw 2 rainbow...First time saw 2 rainbow hahaha i will upload the picture when i free...Oh yah today have band dinner, i didn't go...They say didn't go must pay $11...Okay lah pay lor...Then ya YOG already no more? okay lah =) bye (:
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