Thursday, August 12, 2010

Watch finish le...

Hello everyone =) Just watch finish Shinee de hello baby... so sad =) Key and Minho cry...:'( But i also know the other 3 also very jing they all have feeling ma...Onew finally carry the yoogen:) Okay lah, Now i'm going to watch hello baby SNSD =D Or maybe tomorrow watch??? I don't know... Recently drawing =) Hahaha =) have homework...Worksheets...Didn't do yet xD haiz...don't feel like doing luh... Oh yah i at blog forgot to say CIP thingy... We do a box using straws??? Yah...Then like that lor...Didn't get choosen....I like Qiao ling group and Shirley group...they do Domo and Patrick respectively....The cartoon is so real and nice... Maybe i will upload the photo someday??? Then CIP finish we use Mr sofiam computer to find song on youtube...then they find song called baby...Then our whole class sing(including me) Then Issac and Simon at infront sing the louder....we only at the back sing then sing until very loudly....=) Even other classes come to see what our class is doing. Then we was like very high??? The next day ShuangX2 upload the video then have a lot of comment come in....Most of our class like that video then yah alot of comment...It spam my noticfication and inbox(email)...LOL but i also quite happy =D i enjoy myself on that day =) I find that our class although very mischeif...But when come together, we cooperate and do our best...I find that when they do work or play game they all very serious de... Oh my god i think i like my class le xD
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