Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today is just like a normal day....9:00am reach schoool...Then at LT....Then History.....Then Geo.....Then loads of homework come back home plus it raining...Then go home eat....Then go school plus raining then yah at band room....Have sectional....But to us like no sectional lor cos our instrutor is there lol....Then yah instrutor go help RuiMin take stand so we talking lor....Keep laughing until non stop....cos we talk about 2 days before thing hahaha =D then also say about the funfare hahaha although...i didn't go......Okay then yah like that lor...Then go back to band room....Ruimin say when Claire play the C very loud her head will like shake then we all laugh....Then liang hao tell claire to play louder....But to me i think it 摇滚 so your head will move so they all laugh again....Then later 2 stalker keep on waiting for Claire so we walk to the other way round....Then we saw them walk on their own way so we walk back....Then later when we want go shop n save we saw the 2 stalkers at the overhead bridge then is like they shout we also shout.... then we run to HDB flat also is my 家楼下.I think they knew that Claire will go there take her bus. Then i remember that Claire can take MRT so i bring her and Gwendolyn to fairprice first cos Gwendolyn want buy things...then Clare go take MRT then i and Gwendolyn walk home yah she take bus while i just take the lift..........

The 2 stalkers is DAMN DISGUSTIING! He still sms Claire where is she? Why scared to see him? Still put sad face somemore and still call her OMG! What a scary stalkers....Luckily he is following Claire not me phew~ Plus when he call Claire i was the one who listening hahaha =-D we didn't even talk...Just let him say enough Hello...Then Claire call Gwendolyn so the stalker won't call her....She got tell Gwendolyn don't listen.....OMG is damn scary man. Oh yah forgot to tell Ruimin a thing haiz...Plus Mr chin say 2 week later will have band concert....Don't know is real or fake...Still wonder if it confirm a not....Oh yah still have genting trip haiz....byebye =)
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