Friday, September 10, 2010


Today ah...haiz....Can counted as quite unlucky day? Anyway early in the morning, my parents plus brother go swimming only cos i and sister want stay at home. Sister later then tell me that her computer spoil...Haiz.... haven even use half a year spoil.....Then later on mooncake....Play and then study....I study until i want vomit blood liao....Haix...Don't know how to do . Keep on asking people. People answer don't know....But also can't blame because they haven learn yet. At least they have try to help me=) Then study until i go youtube find piano...OMG i love piano so much. When i typing Keyboard i will imagine that i playing piano....Hahahas =) anyway it just imagine. Then later parents and brother come back....OMG they got sunburn hahahas =) Then Brother keep on nag nag nag. say what pain ah...blah blah blah...Then later i eat fish& chip ...OMG can't believe that i eat finish.Then later go bathe. Then later on computer....Then the most shocking thing happen....A cockroach fly into my room....Plus my window hole is damn small....But i saw the scene as i very very close to window...I saw that the cockroach fly in, it still bang into the 铁窗 then it drop on my computer wire....Then later fly again knock until my internet thing then drop again....I think the cockroach dizzy ah. Then i shout very very loudly...Shout until my brother wake up hahahas =) Then luckily father today on leave so he catch it. Hahahas so scary. It so big somemore still will fly -.- 它是第八只飞进我们家的蟑螂。 damn scare now....Omg love plurk too....It so suddenly....Feel like spamming...But Li xuan say cannot spam...So yah byebye =) Homework haven do finish yet....From afternoon to now! OMG okay lah byebye=)

Oh yah forgot to say that afternoon i go facebook..Then i play tic tac toe...Then forgot that the games lastly will have ghost face come out...So yah it come out lor....

P.S; Thank Ziyun and Clive, Li xuan and Peini for trying to help me solve the computer problem.

Thank Liwen, Li xuan and siew ching for trying to help me with my work =)

If you help me while i didn't thank you here mean i forgot le =P so don't angry just tell me =)
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