Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Actually is Qiao Ling be de...But she want change so change lor.

xD(capture,edit: ziyun)(thank ziyun for letting me upload) me and shuangX2

Sharmin and me
Yesterday when school release me....I quickly rush home...Luckily my father say come lah i bring you. Then yah like that lor. Ride huai nian that time heehee...ride motor....xD then yah go APS saw Mr Ong then take picture xD Then rush to go fixed Peini glasses then later go Pizza hut...Because Mr koo threat us pizza then yah like that....Saw Nicole and syairah....Then Ashley, Michelle, Lixuan and Peini...Then Boon Chong, Jie Qian, Juinn Guan, Rommel, Timothy, Cheng Yee, Deon, Sylvia , Siew Ching and Liwen. yah then like that lor...Then go home...Go home with Li xuan...I take MRT home...Then i and Li xuan keep on taking photo. HAHAHA =D have so much fun. Then yah home sweet home. Is time to upload some picture but is not yesterday de.....i need time to edit xD Oh yah Deon still kiss me so i hug her xD and Siew Ching biscult is damn delicious...Good job ! Oh yah saw Ding Hui Jian, Cheng Long and Ruan zi too...
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