Tuesday, September 7, 2010


They do this but of course not standing behind lah xD
Yesterday is totally hahahahaha.....opps sorry..okay continue....Yesterday when our band is having sectional....hahahas...How i can't stop laughing OMG =D...Okay continue...we go de sectional place is staircase....Then because of raining....there a lot of wind...Then My senior Liang Hao and Christopher they stand at the very top staircase and put the hand wild....Then they take a deep breathe tell us to come up hahahaha...Then Liang Hao say this scene look like titanic hahaha okay is a bit alike.....Then when the wind gone he come down teach me and Claire cos we practicing how to make long sound..That mean don't breathe for how long. cos we time ourselve....Then because i keep on lack of breathe so he teach me...He say air is free blah blah~ Then suddenly he say fann i tell u ah (i looking somewhere else) Then he shout FANN~~ Then he quickly run to the top staircase cos have wind lol -.- everyone laugh because fan = fann Then fan produce wind mah (i also laugh although it insult my name xD) Then later wind gone he come down....Then suddenly wind back again so he run to the top of the staircase....but guess what? He fall down hahahahaha =D we laugh until mad!!! we keep on repeating and repeating ! laughing and laughing non stop hahahaha =D okay lah this is the funny part hahaha =) When i type this i keep on laugh lor hahaha =D we all sure won't forget about this thing hahaha =D

Also need to thank the rain =) Because of the rain the 2 stalkers didn't follow us =) Today also didn't follow=) Thank goodness =)
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