Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Standing ;)
Brother and Sister relationship :)
Waiting ...
Extra Brother here :x
What they doing? O.O
Cut cake!
Woohoo Cut cake!
I like he side view! I want his nose and eyes!
continues eat ba.
The egg delicious :) although i dun like it xD
Eat egg wow :)
I know it seem disgusting but is delicious! I eat then capture picture because i want you all to see that the cake inside have fruits! And that is Kiwi, Strawberry and mango :)
So handsome and cute right LOL
Heehee He look at me LOL !
And He eat it LOL :D

Li Hong breaking the egg. So clever ;)
Heehee i like this angle :)
Li Hong and his father ;)
And the white ghost behind LOL ( My bro)

The cake is nice and delicious :) although is buy from the shop we HATE!
Say Cheese! :x
cake and red egg :)
Cute right ? xD
I think Li Hong holding is Ang Bao :-$
Hahaha :D Now then found out that Li Hong wearing shoes :/
O.O Xuan Xuan ah what you doing? :B
Sit together. So sweet LOL :P
Sister carried Li Hong and Xuan Xuan beside :)
Heehee;) The red egg and the cake and Xuan Xuan :)
Nice right xD Li Hong Cake :P
HAPPY HALLOWEEN DAY!!!!~Yesterday is Li Hong Birthday :) Take a lot of picture of him. He so cute. He crack the boiled egg and then eat! OH MY GOD! So clever :) And his cake is so damn delicious ;PToday Band a lot of people didn't come....French Horn only 2 peoples come nia. And that me and the other senior :( All paiseh me lor. I won't forget how Claire Paiseh me de xD. Then after band, I and Callie go compass. She buy 1 cup of bubble tea while i buy 3 cup of choco-oreo bubble tea :D. One is for me and one is for my sister and the other one is for my brother :).Yesterday download meitu. Is ZiYun recommend de. Nice!~ Can edit a lot of picture ;) I have edit some of my picture but ugly:( in the picture i put long lash (not so long lah) Then put contact in it (edit de).
Friday when we go back to school to take class tee. Gillian told us that she didn't go express. We quite shock but okay lah...Happy that she didn't go express so she and i still same class :) Then later on change to my class tee and then the tee is too big ;/ somemore i wear S size leh. Then later go Rivale Plaza. Eat KFC. And then go home :)
Gonna upload photo :)
PS: still remember When we sing Li Hong birthday song he look so confused and innocent hahaha :)
Ps: Sorry that the photo is not in order :P
Ps: Now is 6:19AM so i need go sleep le... Free then upload some picture ;)

Monday, October 25, 2010


Dear blog,
Today is my unlucky day...Whole Class tio scolding my Geo Teacher because of the class tee and some other thing....My class tee name is FannSHINee....I thought teacher won't accept de but he accept lah xD. Then later when he read dao jacintha de class tee name hahaha damn funny lor....Her name is LJB....Our class thought is lan jiao bin lor...But actually is love jonas Brother....Then later at Math class....we go LT then i just sit there talking....Then Aquil go play the door then 夹 dao my hand -.-....My hand inner have blood now hei qing ;( (very unhappy le) Then later go the foyer wait for band friends cos they say meet together and then go eat....Then i keep on waiting there....In the end i call them they say they at coffee shop liao i was damn piss off i go veri nice coffee shop....Then can't find them then they say they at the shop and save there then i was like very unhappy so i just go home without telling them anything! Then they go to my house....i tell my mum do not let them they at outside wait like about 30 minutes and then go school...But nevermind in the end okay le :) still have free sticky to eat xD okay le lah that all...Then later at home i use com, i want to change my FB name then cannot change....Then later i change to a wrong one...Now my name is super super ugly...wish 24 hour faster over so i can change ;/Oh yah! didn't get in top 5 sad....didn't go express :(Anyway snsd song called 'hoot' and 'seoul' is a nice song :) can't wait for hoot MV ;)
Sign off,

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Yesterday 6am sleep. Today 10am wake up. Pro right? I know, no need you all to say. xD. Early in the morning, i sms ZiYun and Genie. Then later i eat breakfast,change clothes,tie hair and then pack bag. 12:30pm reach bus-stop. Waiting for Genie. Saw Genie running hahaha:x.
Changi ☛Compass ☛ Home :)
Changi is damn tiring.
Not really sure where to go which...
So we keep on going T1-T2-T1-T2-T3-T1
Legs so tired,me also tired
Lastly is at T1 so we standing there waiting.
At there stand about 6+pm then go Compass.
Go Comic connetion.
Buy K-pop Name Tag :P
I buy 1 only because...too expensive :P
So i buy SHINee name tag :)
But i think i will buy their names too ;D
Then buy finish go home :D
Finally Home sweet Home :D
Talk to my mum:D
Play computer :)
Now so sian.
Legs tired,my whole body so tired.
My eyes want close liao.
Only have 4 hours sleep....
so byebye :)
PS: At Changi ZiYun treat me Fries :) Thank ZiYun :) (cos we at macdonald :P)
PS: Will upload photo if i not too tired :/

Promotion Day....

Today is Promotion day....So no need go school :) So maybe Monday know who go which class le...I wish our class won't separate :(...Cos i will miss...sure will miss those happy time and mischievous time....Yesterday come back home...Sleep.....And i totally forgot to bathe -.-''' So today wake up....go eat....Ride motor :) Go lavender to do passport....heehee :) ride motor is so cooling:) I LOVE IT! At lavender....My photo cannot use because is too dark LOL so take a new one and is super ugly :P Then do finish go back home :) when riding motor it stop because of red light ;) Then suddenly a stupid bee come flying here and there beside me and my dad -.-''' I scared INSECTS!!! so i use my hand to make it away because i scared and i didn't think too much of it....My father at there keep on shouting say don't hit!!!! Is a bee it will stung you!!!~ Okay fine...I stop hitting and the bee fly infont my dad face hahahaha :) I at there laughing heehee :) then later green light and off we go :) Okay later got home...Read book....Play com....Eat dinner....Bathe....Watch TV....Read book....Play com :) so yah bye :)

PS: SHINee and SNSD will be coming to Singapore tomorrow... Will i be able to see them? My mother don't allow me to go because of the haze Zzz...But i will try to ask my dad :P
PS: My com work 'a little bit' slow at night...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tomorrow so sian

Tomorrow is so sian... Tomorrow go school sian...Go band sian...Still wonder why last time i want CCA lor then know that is so sian....Wish tomorrow no school lor...No school better :) I so tired!!! I even lazy to get up on bed to go eat breakfast lor...-.-...Wish no band xD I was so tired!!!! Tomorrow maybe take the result liao...sure die die de lor... My top 10 sure gone liao :( Haiz... Recently my home got a lot of spiders lor...Nobody want catch idiotic...Now so many spider web irritating...And thank for peini helping my computer if not i want take computer to bang the wall liao. The Flashget 3.3 lor... i don't know how to use ...But luckily is back to normal liao :) OKay lah byebye :) Can't wait to see my result and then die with someone together because i need accompany!

SNSD 少女时代 Live Interview with Kpoplive!

Sooyoung so caring :)Sooyoung noticed Sunny's strap so she slowly covered it with her palm :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Snsd interview/ mistakes(2-19-10)

Jessica so cute xD

SNSD Funny Moment #9 Sunny's Mistakes

Hahahaa xD Sunny mistake is damn cute de lor xD

SNSD- Jessica's Late Reaction... Again #83

Jessica Late reaction xD cute:)
I like sunny laughing hahaha xD sound evil :X

SNSD- Jessica's Slow Reaction #37

Just found out that Jessica have a illness called Slow reaction....But her slow reaction make her even cute :)

SNSD Sleeping Habits Ver2

SNSD sleeping habit hahahaas :) know more about SNSD already :)

[090801][HD]One Year Later - Jessica(SNSD),Onew(SHINee) - Live in Show M...

I now then know this song is nice to listen xD Onew and Jessica xD

SNSD Concert- Yuri solo dance w/ Minho (SHINee) @ Shanghai (100417)

Yuri solo dance with Minho :)

SNSD Concert- Yoona & Key Taemin (SHINee) @ Shanghai (100417)

Yoona and Key and Taemin :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

100108 SHINee JoJo@Music Bank

Now i then know this video!!! JUNG YOOGEUN is at backstage (:

Picture xD

CIP week :)
CIP week (:
we celebrate YOG :)
we play this game....Qiao Ling and clive haha :)
Champion (:

This is what we eat Today :)

Hey Guys! This is the picture xD. Still have more! Later or i free i upload xD

Yesterday and today (:

HELLO!!! yesterday Li xuan xia dao mi and pei ni ....haiz...anyway Li xuan is safe :) All because of me lor...Keep thinking of negative stuff....haix...okay lah (: Today early in the morning didn't go eat morning breakfast at Macdonald because i also don't know why....Then we whole family excluding brother because he go school...Including Grandma because she with us...So yah eat a lot of thing heehee (: I will upload the picture later on new post yah (; because picture is in my phone haven transfer yet....So yah early in the morning my mood not so good because of my mother nagging me so yah.....Then later went back home....On MSN nobody talk to me because Li xuan never online...So yah talk to Siew Ching and PeiNi....All didn't reply me so yah i off my MSN lor....Then play finish facebook is really damn boring....Nothing to play so i will upload picture xD okay lah byebye need to transfer things into my computer....And also wish that my audition download will be faster :) BYE! (Y)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SHINee - Hello

Jonghyun,Key and Taemin (Y) cute

[Fancam] 100728 SHINee Jonghyun Reaction to Fire While Performing RDD

Woo!!! Jonghyun face ah...The stupid flame xD

Onew Mispronounces his Chinese Name

I think this most of you already know hahahas but i like they laugh...They laugh i also laugh hahaha xD

[FUNNY] 100116 Shinee Laughing at Key's voice crack during rehearsal

Hahahaha :) funny too xD

onew voice cracked singing lucifer

This is so funny hahahha :) they laugh then continues sing their part then sing finish laugh again hahaha :)

Long time...~

Long time didn't blog le....miss me yah? LOL :P okay...exam is finally over YAY! (Y) i was so damn happy and worried because exam over result came...haiz....Wish that i will pass.
But i have the feeling that History and PPE will fail...Teacher say we cannot fail more than 3 subjects or else they want see and talk to our parents....Haiz....Today exam is Art....quite so-so....Okay but our science teacher very angry....Because a lot of them write rubbish on the science exam papers....Wish that i will pass!!!!!~ ( Pray hard)
So we very early go home after art exam like about 10am.... Then later go home and on com...go facebook......go plurk...go anywhere that i can go...Download so damn i close it away...
so Thursday and Friday no need go school because is marking day....but i don't know if tomorrow have band a not....Ask my friends and senior all don't know...LOL.....
Then later like that lor...Oh yah i buy magazine....heehee infront is snsd and shinee of course or else i won't buy liao xD okay lah maybe free upload picture.....
Oh yah i remember that i want to say about the oral right? okay at chinese oral teacher get shock by me because when she ask me question i was like the answer is different from other example when she ask me why u join band? i thought u say u want be detective so maybe join other CCA...Then i say because that time i didn't think that much because i want go oversea!!! Then later she ask but like that your dream will even further but anyway wish that u can make it (this ending actually is tell us that we can leave but i didn't leave) i say I sure can do it de!! of course she ask a lot of question lah she also tio shock by me a lot of time....But here very difficult to say so yah didn't say much here lah byebye :)
Oh yah suddenly think that Mr ong is retire yesterday....i was so damn sad :'( I thought i can take my report book and go find him de....But luckily those have Mr Ong handphone number sms him if he leaving yesterday....And he say yes but he will still be at anderson until is students go Secondary 1 Then i was like Phew!~ i can still have the chance to see him....:) Okay lah also must say happy birthday to Mr Ong because Mr Ong yesterday birthday :)