Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Standing ;)
Brother and Sister relationship :)
Waiting ...
Extra Brother here :x
What they doing? O.O
Cut cake!
Woohoo Cut cake!
I like he side view! I want his nose and eyes!
continues eat ba.
The egg delicious :) although i dun like it xD
Eat egg wow :)
I know it seem disgusting but is delicious! I eat then capture picture because i want you all to see that the cake inside have fruits! And that is Kiwi, Strawberry and mango :)
So handsome and cute right LOL
Heehee He look at me LOL !
And He eat it LOL :D

Li Hong breaking the egg. So clever ;)
Heehee i like this angle :)
Li Hong and his father ;)
And the white ghost behind LOL ( My bro)

The cake is nice and delicious :) although is buy from the shop we HATE!
Say Cheese! :x
cake and red egg :)
Cute right ? xD
I think Li Hong holding is Ang Bao :-$
Hahaha :D Now then found out that Li Hong wearing shoes :/
O.O Xuan Xuan ah what you doing? :B
Sit together. So sweet LOL :P
Sister carried Li Hong and Xuan Xuan beside :)
Heehee;) The red egg and the cake and Xuan Xuan :)
Nice right xD Li Hong Cake :P
HAPPY HALLOWEEN DAY!!!!~Yesterday is Li Hong Birthday :) Take a lot of picture of him. He so cute. He crack the boiled egg and then eat! OH MY GOD! So clever :) And his cake is so damn delicious ;PToday Band a lot of people didn't come....French Horn only 2 peoples come nia. And that me and the other senior :( All paiseh me lor. I won't forget how Claire Paiseh me de xD. Then after band, I and Callie go compass. She buy 1 cup of bubble tea while i buy 3 cup of choco-oreo bubble tea :D. One is for me and one is for my sister and the other one is for my brother :).Yesterday download meitu. Is ZiYun recommend de. Nice!~ Can edit a lot of picture ;) I have edit some of my picture but ugly:( in the picture i put long lash (not so long lah) Then put contact in it (edit de).
Friday when we go back to school to take class tee. Gillian told us that she didn't go express. We quite shock but okay lah...Happy that she didn't go express so she and i still same class :) Then later on change to my class tee and then the tee is too big ;/ somemore i wear S size leh. Then later go Rivale Plaza. Eat KFC. And then go home :)
Gonna upload photo :)
PS: still remember When we sing Li Hong birthday song he look so confused and innocent hahaha :)
Ps: Sorry that the photo is not in order :P
Ps: Now is 6:19AM so i need go sleep le... Free then upload some picture ;)
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