Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Long time...~

Long time didn't blog le....miss me yah? LOL :P okay...exam is finally over YAY! (Y) i was so damn happy and worried because exam over result came...haiz....Wish that i will pass.
But i have the feeling that History and PPE will fail...Teacher say we cannot fail more than 3 subjects or else they want see and talk to our parents....Haiz....Today exam is Art....quite so-so....Okay but our science teacher very angry....Because a lot of them write rubbish on the science exam papers....Wish that i will pass!!!!!~ ( Pray hard)
So we very early go home after art exam like about 10am.... Then later go home and on com...go facebook......go plurk...go anywhere that i can go...Download so damn i close it away...
so Thursday and Friday no need go school because is marking day....but i don't know if tomorrow have band a not....Ask my friends and senior all don't know...LOL.....
Then later like that lor...Oh yah i buy magazine....heehee infront is snsd and shinee of course or else i won't buy liao xD okay lah maybe free upload picture.....
Oh yah i remember that i want to say about the oral right? okay at chinese oral teacher get shock by me because when she ask me question i was like the answer is different from other example when she ask me why u join band? i thought u say u want be detective so maybe join other CCA...Then i say because that time i didn't think that much because i want go oversea!!! Then later she ask but like that your dream will even further but anyway wish that u can make it (this ending actually is tell us that we can leave but i didn't leave) i say I sure can do it de!! of course she ask a lot of question lah she also tio shock by me a lot of time....But here very difficult to say so yah didn't say much here lah byebye :)
Oh yah suddenly think that Mr ong is retire yesterday....i was so damn sad :'( I thought i can take my report book and go find him de....But luckily those have Mr Ong handphone number sms him if he leaving yesterday....And he say yes but he will still be at anderson until is students go Secondary 1 Then i was like Phew!~ i can still have the chance to see him....:) Okay lah also must say happy birthday to Mr Ong because Mr Ong yesterday birthday :)
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