Saturday, October 23, 2010


Yesterday 6am sleep. Today 10am wake up. Pro right? I know, no need you all to say. xD. Early in the morning, i sms ZiYun and Genie. Then later i eat breakfast,change clothes,tie hair and then pack bag. 12:30pm reach bus-stop. Waiting for Genie. Saw Genie running hahaha:x.
Changi ☛Compass ☛ Home :)
Changi is damn tiring.
Not really sure where to go which...
So we keep on going T1-T2-T1-T2-T3-T1
Legs so tired,me also tired
Lastly is at T1 so we standing there waiting.
At there stand about 6+pm then go Compass.
Go Comic connetion.
Buy K-pop Name Tag :P
I buy 1 only because...too expensive :P
So i buy SHINee name tag :)
But i think i will buy their names too ;D
Then buy finish go home :D
Finally Home sweet Home :D
Talk to my mum:D
Play computer :)
Now so sian.
Legs tired,my whole body so tired.
My eyes want close liao.
Only have 4 hours sleep....
so byebye :)
PS: At Changi ZiYun treat me Fries :) Thank ZiYun :) (cos we at macdonald :P)
PS: Will upload photo if i not too tired :/
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