Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tomorrow so sian

Tomorrow is so sian... Tomorrow go school sian...Go band sian...Still wonder why last time i want CCA lor then know that is so sian....Wish tomorrow no school lor...No school better :) I so tired!!! I even lazy to get up on bed to go eat breakfast lor...-.-...Wish no band xD I was so tired!!!! Tomorrow maybe take the result liao...sure die die de lor... My top 10 sure gone liao :( Haiz... Recently my home got a lot of spiders lor...Nobody want catch idiotic...Now so many spider web irritating...And thank for peini helping my computer if not i want take computer to bang the wall liao. The Flashget 3.3 lor... i don't know how to use ...But luckily is back to normal liao :) OKay lah byebye :) Can't wait to see my result and then die with someone together because i need accompany!
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