Monday, October 25, 2010


Dear blog,
Today is my unlucky day...Whole Class tio scolding my Geo Teacher because of the class tee and some other thing....My class tee name is FannSHINee....I thought teacher won't accept de but he accept lah xD. Then later when he read dao jacintha de class tee name hahaha damn funny lor....Her name is LJB....Our class thought is lan jiao bin lor...But actually is love jonas Brother....Then later at Math class....we go LT then i just sit there talking....Then Aquil go play the door then 夹 dao my hand -.-....My hand inner have blood now hei qing ;( (very unhappy le) Then later go the foyer wait for band friends cos they say meet together and then go eat....Then i keep on waiting there....In the end i call them they say they at coffee shop liao i was damn piss off i go veri nice coffee shop....Then can't find them then they say they at the shop and save there then i was like very unhappy so i just go home without telling them anything! Then they go to my house....i tell my mum do not let them they at outside wait like about 30 minutes and then go school...But nevermind in the end okay le :) still have free sticky to eat xD okay le lah that all...Then later at home i use com, i want to change my FB name then cannot change....Then later i change to a wrong one...Now my name is super super ugly...wish 24 hour faster over so i can change ;/Oh yah! didn't get in top 5 sad....didn't go express :(Anyway snsd song called 'hoot' and 'seoul' is a nice song :) can't wait for hoot MV ;)
Sign off,
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