Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yesterday and today (:

HELLO!!! yesterday Li xuan xia dao mi and pei ni ....haiz...anyway Li xuan is safe :) All because of me lor...Keep thinking of negative stuff....haix...okay lah (: Today early in the morning didn't go eat morning breakfast at Macdonald because i also don't know why....Then we whole family excluding brother because he go school...Including Grandma because she with us...So yah eat a lot of thing heehee (: I will upload the picture later on new post yah (; because picture is in my phone haven transfer yet....So yah early in the morning my mood not so good because of my mother nagging me so yah.....Then later went back home....On MSN nobody talk to me because Li xuan never online...So yah talk to Siew Ching and PeiNi....All didn't reply me so yah i off my MSN lor....Then play finish facebook is really damn boring....Nothing to play so i will upload picture xD okay lah byebye need to transfer things into my computer....And also wish that my audition download will be faster :) BYE! (Y)
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