Saturday, November 13, 2010 :)

SHINee 麦兜 鱼丸粗面 珉豪&Key 篇 . It is so damn cute and funny. Recommended by my senior.

Super Junior’s Donghae and Sungmin for Korean Red Cross CF.

SNSD’s Yuri chosen as the #1 singer people want to meet on Pepero Day.

Which SNSD member has the most charm, according to Kim Gura?

Kim Hyun Joong wins the ‘Best Dresser Award’. WOOHOO!!!

Taiwanese program talks about possible lawsuit from SM for issues concerning SNSD.

FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki shares a brief kiss with Rainbow’s Yoon Hye. wow.

10asia magazine releases the first idol encyclopedia, “10+idol”.

SNSD “hoots” second K-Chart on Music Bank + other performances. I love their dance :)

SNSD Seohyun’s shy handshake with a male student. So good. Handshake. I also want :)

Brown Eyed Girls to begin vigorous Japanese promotions in 2011.

SNSD explains why they didn’t like their group name at first. Don't cry sooyoung. We all love snsd :) snsd is a nice name that can be easily remember.

Comedian Shin Bong Sun dances to “Hoot”. I watch le. Although very 'ehem' but at least...know how to dance :)

T-ara to take care of Moon Mason for “Hello Baby”.

SNSD’s Yuri is the real ‘master of kkap’?

SNSD’s Sunny changes how she acts around guys? Hahaha :D so cute :)

Taeyeon & The One + Nassun & G.O. to release collaboration singles.

6th Special of ‘Playful Kiss’ revealed through Youtube. LOVE THIS SHOW.

SNSD for Elle Girl Japan. They so chio :D

Music Core performances from November 13th.

Park Kyung Lim as the 10th SNSD member?

Netizens go crazy for “Seohyun Generation" She damn pure :)

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