Saturday, November 6, 2010


My mum cook de. Only she and grandmother cook the porridge is the most delicious de.
The three bubble tea xD That time after band accompany Callie to compass point buy de :)
Leo!! And of course is me lah. Also coincidence take de xD so this bubble tea is mine :)

Capricorn is my sister because she is Capricorn so yah this bubble tea is her. (coincidence take de)
Nobody is Libra? So yah...This is brother de bubble tea :X
Lena, Gillian (opps can't see) And ZiYun. So sweet right ? we are wearing our class tee :X

ReiChi!!!!!! At the back got 2 wearing yellow right? heehee the one at the left is Qiao Ling xD
Sorry ah....The pic i didn't rotate xD lazy lah. Gillian, Lena and Ziyun foods :)
My Foods :)
ReiChi foods :P
Front de class tee! Very pink xD
Class tee!
Back of the class tee. :)
Our Class tee!
Our class tee!
Woohoo! First time saw this type of injury in my hand. Although very pain but i first thought is faster where my phone i want capture it LOL.
The injury.
My injury. Already put oil le xD.
That time Chinese competition. I get second:/ Then have this lor. The envelop is Voucher.

ZiYun :P
Me. Genie:)
A stranger. Me. Genie. :D
The dustbin. So cute (Y)
That Time have haze...That time go changi day...
I was so bored...Although i have holiday homework :P heehee :) OKay lah. Let upload some photo :).

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