Saturday, November 6, 2010


Allkpop said that SNSD’s Hyoyeon still has a crush on a mysterious male idol. See more? Read here.
Oh yah they also said Yuri also have crush.....
100% entertainment also have JYJ and SHINee!!! OKay lah...a little bit only....They are going to taiwan...SO GOOD!!! Their MRT still have their face!!! Aww i wish our country MRT also have their face :) Watch the video here.
Watch this video...I like it.
Snsd Sing Hoot and they get first place woohoo!!!:) Read more.
I also quite sad that Yoona(snsd) photo been photoshop...But Yoona still very pretty lah :) She kinda look like Taemin :x. Read more.
I didn't know SuJu have Anniversary until i read allkpop and Li Xuan blog. Okay...Happy 5th anniversary:) Read more.
Nominees for the ‘25th Golden Disk Awards’ revealed! It have SHINee(:D) SNSD(:D)Super Junior!!! i think have CN.Blue. FT.Island and other :) Read more.
My sister said Super Junior is coming to Singapore and have concert...I think is at 2011???? I not sure xD. She say the ticket is expensive....So...yah.....My father nowaday also quite into K-pop xD He said don't know is 2am or 2pm or all kpop is coming to singapore for concert LOL i don't know lah idiot xD If i know i will post it here :)
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