Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Today is so-so day. A little bit sad. Senior tell me that Jonghyun and Key quarrel because of that official dating thingy. And i go find the video and is true...Awww Key cheer up! Haiz....Also heard from my senior that SM entertainment allow SHINee to separated and allow Jonghyun to do solo. I DUN WANT LAH! although i like Jonghyun but i want all of them together :( Haiz...Now also found out that JYJ actually is from DBSK -.- i so lack lor now then know. I also know that SooYoung Injuried. Wish her recover soon. Another thing Yuri so cute!!!~ She cycling with her puppy hahaa :) Anyway now i learning piano the song is River flow in you :)
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