Saturday, November 20, 2010


This is my short :)
Sister short.

My short.
sister short

sister dinner. Mash potatoes.
Brother and mum dinner.
Father dinner.
Sister dinner .
Mine heehee :) delicious ;)
sister notebook hahaha. cute right :)
This poster is given by Shirley :)
SHINee !!!
The disc
2nd album

Today go out with my sister. We go Hougang mall shop shop. Eat morning breakfast hahahha :D
Also buy 2 shorts xD. Then later go home, i help my sister do blog. Help her do blogskins, tagboard,mixpod....Then later dinner. so yah. Bye =)
Ps: sorry that some picture is not in order and the picture is upsidedown?
Ps: Heehee gonna sleep. We on air-con :D

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