Saturday, November 13, 2010


Timothy, Siew Ching and Li Xuan. Thank for giving me a fun and happy day :D
Me xD
Timothy, Siew ching and Li xuan phone xD
The beautiful scenery
Poor kite :/
The sea.....Blue sky..Green Water :O
The seashore :D
The ship and the sea :D
Seashore :D
I heart SHINee :D
Fann Love SHINee :D
Mine leg abd Li Xuan leg :D
Can't see bubble... the elephant...
We throw the water balloon into the sea. And someone really help us take hahaha :D is this girl on the photo :P
Mr Bump :D
East Coast :D
Siew Ching throw water balloon at timothy, timothy run :D
Our things plus water balloon :D
Can you see Li xuan? People swimming ? and people fishing ? :P
Me at MRT :P
The three of us :D
Me Love Shinee :D
Me blow bubble :D plus elephant :D
Sand :D
Our things :D
Sea (Y)
Sea hit the sand ;D
Li Xuan and Fann :D

Timothy :)
Li Xuan, Me and Siew ching :D
Love/heart/kiss SHINee :D
HOHOHO :O water balloon :D

Li Xuan and me :D
Me and Li Xuan walking. Timothy emo-ing
Me,....So unglam
Li Xuan and me :D
Siew ching and Timothy hahahaha :D water balloon :D
Li Xuan and me? :O

The east coast ;D
Poor kite ;(
Whose leg :P
Li Xuan :D
Li Xuan leg, mine leg and siew ching Leg :D
The sea and the ship :D
Fann, Li Xuan and Siew ching :D
The kite :/
The octopus kite:D
The kite...Kite very expensive de eh :/
Li Xuan and Siew ching leg :D
Timothy :)
Siew ching and Li Xuan and Fann :D
The Bubble ;DDDDD

The emo Timo :P
The beautiful sea ;D
Siew ching, Li xuan and me :D
Our Bags :D
Emo Timothy...Siew ching say timothy is emo because he is timo :P
Li Xuan and siew ching :D
Peoples :D
The poor kite :/
The east coast :D
The place where we stand and shout...
Siew Ching....Opps my leg :P
Heehee :o The water balloon....RUN!!!
Li Xuan and Siew Ching :)
Opps :D
The sea and the sand :)
Siew ching taking my bubble?
The heart that we make :D
Taking our shoes :D
Whose leg?
Li Xuan and me ;D

Me and Li Xuan :D
Poor thing kite :/
Three of us shouting :) And at there is really cooling ;D
Li Xuan :D
Li xuan, Siew ching and Fann :)
Li Xuan ;D
Li Xuan picking stone....
Making a heart :D
Siew ching, Li xuan and me :D
Me :D
Siew ching and Li xuan shouting :D
The three of us xD Li xuan and siew ching and me :D

I'm a failure is written by Siew ching :) But anyway she is not a failure :D
Siew ching calling her ah ma, Li xuan look at my bubble heehee :D
Me with the bubble laughing like crazy and siew ching look at Li Xuan

Li Xuan and me :)
The black shoes is mine :) The white shoes is Li Xuan and the pink is Siew ching :)
Li Xuan, Siew ching and me :)
Sea :)
Siew ching(:

Yesterday Li Xuan (My dear dear :)), Siew Ching (My best friend) And Timothy (camera man :P) go out together and we are HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!! :D I LOVE IT :) I WON'T FORGET THAT DAY. AND ALSO THANK FOR MAKING IT SO MUCH FUN :D Okay firstly, I and Li Xuan meet first. So we meet at outram park. Then meet liao go paya lebar. Actually want scared siew ching and timothy de but in the end....haiz didn't. cos we lost. I mean we don't know where are they then lastly they actually at outside the MRT LOL hahahaha :D Then later take bus go buy tibits and drink :) Then the bus is full of peoples. I still accidently step on people leg :P Then later also got buy balloon heehee ;) cos we want throw water balloon. I also buy bubble xD cos i want play. Buy finish i open and play hahaha. Then later Finally reach east coast yay (Y) Then later i think siew ching and li xuan walk through spider web cos they say they feel something? Then later yah we put our bag and then go Mac donald de toilet. Take out balloon and fill in water hahahaha :D the water splash until me xD then later Li xuan go ask for plastic bags then fill in finish we put water balloon into the bag then is like very heavy lor. Then on our way i walk very slowly cos my leg pain then li xuan walk with me so timothy and siew ching reach there first. Then one of the water balloon drop from li xuan plastic bag then i was quite shock because i scared later splash....But luckily it didn't phew~. Then later siew ching and timothy started throwing but the balloon didn't burst LOL then later i think li xuan want throw me or siew ching then it really burst and still burst until my bag...But nevermind. Then later i really play too xD Throw~ throw~ throw until the sea -.- then really got a girl help us take hahahaa :) but actually we purposely throw de lor. We also didn't thought that some people really will help us take xD Then later play the sea and sand hahahaha :D have a lot of fun and i also become quite black le yay (Y) I also play the bubble. Then we want pick up seashell but everytime pick de is stone and some rubbish so yah if is stone we throw to the sea. and we also shout then your feeling really will feel better. Then later rest for a while because we eating tibits and also told each other the quiz hahaha laugh like crazy then me at there still dance suju, shinee and snsd song de dance hahahaha :D crazy right? Then later play play timothy help us take picture. He so emo lor. Poor thing he the only guy there. Siew ching say he should go out with girl more often or else will become gay hahahahhaha xD. Then later keep playing then later finally go eat . I was worrying that my mum will scold haiz. Then later go mac donald but we end up only eat our tibits....Oh yah bird also eat our foods LOL hahaha so damn cute lor. Then later go mac wash leg.....then yah like that lor. eat finish... go take 76 bus. Then talk talk...Then i and li xuan later go take MRT....we still say let see tonight who is the most late going home de. Hahaha in the end i go home didn't tio scold hahaha :D then yah i 9pm reach home :)

PS: When we walk to Bus stop we saw a school girl bag have badge (korean pop) and a face. When we look closer we saw that it is dong hae :) Then we keep follow her at the back because we want see hahaha :D I felt like we are stalker lor. So hyper when we see dong hae hahahaha :D Then siew ching and timothy at the back laugh -.- HAHAHA :D funny? yeah!

Ps: Yesterday very early sleep and bathe because My mother force me in. When i step inside she tell me to use clothes to walk to the toilet....Then when i in bathroom she don't allow me to go out liao hahaha :) she already help me prepare clothes hahaha so touch :)

PS: some picture is own by Siew ching(mostly) and li xuan and me.

Ps: I have learn that if u go all those have water and sand places u must wear slipper and bring extra clothes :D hahaha

Ps: Because we splash each other water so i accidently taste the sea water...Yuck it really very salty :P

Ps: Because we play water so mostly my pant is wet so i joke around said i pee, and the sand on my butt i said is my poo hahaha :D

Ps: Timothy keep pressing the balloon so we was thinking of something... ;P

Ps: When we at mac fill in the balloon with water, 2 plastic bag is not enough to put water bomb so siew ching tell timothy to take so she gave him 2 balloon then she say 那两粒球。Then later on siew ching said it sound so wrong. In order not to sound so wrong you need to take more than 2 balls hahaha :D

Ps: Must buy those balloon that is easily burst ;)

Ps: Because it is very late. Tomorrow then start new post :D

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