Monday, November 22, 2010


My Mum buy de :)
My mum buy de
Sister and Weng Yuan buy de.
Uncle and her Girlfriend buy de.
Grandmother give de.

Sorry :P spell wrong. Is cut cake and Crack egg xD

Yesterday is Xuan Xuan Birthday. I still can remember that many peoples is taking photo hahaha :D. Let see what picture i have taken heehee :) I edit some of the picture. xD And if you can't see the words...I am sorry. But please zoom in and see cos i think some words i write is interesting xD. Between Xuan Xuan choose the cake that want give who. She give my brother first then me woohoo :) So i am second muhahaha ;D poor thing is that my sister is last so got one photo said that she dun want friend her....That is true, so xuan xuan say dun angry hahaha :D so cute :)
I still wondering that... should i rebond hair? Haiz.....
Tomorrow have band and now is 3am i still haven sleep yet....
Having CCA is so sian lor. I still wonder why last time primary school why i still beg my parents for letting me join CCA lor...LOL bye :)
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