Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Today is Gao Lao and LiXuan birthday :D I wish them Happy Birthday and Stay happy and healthy :D (LOL their birthday over le because i always very late then blog...) Monday when i go home i kinda sad....Because Our Senior say that either me or Claire will be going to the other room with the sec 1 to re-learn haiz....i dun wanna go :( idiot! Then might as well kick me out of band so i can go join MRL then holiday no need go back and still can slack....LOL. But i still like my french Horn lah :( So yah... i will Jiayou because i dun wanna to drop :) Even i drop i also will Jiayou de :D Anyway i was quite happy because yesterday night i dream of SNSD and SHINee....I forgot what is the dream but i remember i saw SNSD and SHINee members :D maybe because yesterday night got watch their funny videos bah hahaha :D Anyway tomorrow have band... :( So yah bye :D
Ps. This is the video of SHINee that i watch yesterday :D
This is part one,two and three :D
P.s They look like SNSD and dance like SNSD :D
But remember they are not SNSD :D
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