Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Idiotic Pervert guy :(

Okay....I was quite angry yesterday...Because we at FB change our dp is to against violence to children. But actually is not to against violence lor. Is some pervertic guy created it because their dp is also cartoons, then we can't see their face and accept their friend request because we thought it is children. LOL. Luckily nobody add me phew~ i already change my dp. I was so damn angry and sad. I felt that we being cheated :(

Okay, i have agree to upload picture right? Hahaha ;D But i will upload later or tomorrow? Because i want edit some picture. Relax...I sure will upload de :)

Yesterday, or yesterday de yesterday? Oh mi god i forgot le! Okay lah. went bugis with my family hahahas :) is so damn hot there :/ have taken some photos too :)

Try my sister contact lenses...Again and again i fail. And again and again i tried. But sadly, didn't successed....Haiz...I won't give up so easily de :D Okay got to go edit picture le bye ;)
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