Monday, December 27, 2010


Now is 2:20am and i haven sleep yet...Tomorrow have band so need to go to school...sian -.-
school is going to reopen le. So fast :(. I wish holiday can be a little longer. But can't.....
Today sister Boyfriend buy iphone4 for her...So good right? I wonder if i have boyfriend, my boyfriend got so good a not...I think no bah....LOL.....Tomorrow band 9am to long -.- sian.....Then got a lot of sectional...I hate sectional...anyway i hate band too....But i love my french horn :) And also i want teach junior so i can bully them wahahaaha ;D later is me being bully hahaha :D School reopen stress all come to me. As i said secondary 2 is stress....Need to prepared for SYF...Then perform let people choose who coming to our CCA...Then also must score well for exam so that we can choose our own subjects :D i want bio but very difficult...Science must be good...Heard from some people in my class that next year form teacher is the same....Then i was like WHAT!? are u kidding? Anyway haiz....Christmas is over...But LiXuan And Gao lao birthday is coming :D happy for them :D now is 2:30 am....Must sleep liao or else very tired....Band cannot slack de :) Okay lah byebye :D Good night/Good morning :) Sweet dream :)

P.s. wish i can dream of SHINee :D
P.s suddenly want to watch absolute boyfriend because i like the story except ending :)
P,s i think this picture is got from LiXuan blog..if not then is tumblr :)
P.s Recently so hot (i know it sound wrong....)
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