Sunday, December 19, 2010


Hello :) Life is so unfair.... Why i said that? Because my mum want me to help my brother to do his homework....His homework you know, not mine leh! I help him do but what he doing? NOTHING! he just watch TV, Play computer games and PSP. Nothing liao! The homework is about Desaru....A place...I didn't even go that place before lor. Still need to help him find information's, picture, etc etc...LiXuan and Deon said anyhow do but i don't want to waste my ink because still need to print out some more. LOL....saying this i also a bit guilty....because my homework also some is my mum help me de....But at least i got put in effort to do hor....LIFE IS SO UNFAIR!!!!!

Currently is reading one of my literature book :) I very guai hor xD....The title is Red sky in the morning....quite nice :)....My sister read before, she said in the end the baby die...So i was like ok..When i read, got a little bit sad....Like today, I read and it got said unfair things then i was like read that part and you know....I cried leh...Then i wipe off my tear and continues reading....Then in the end they got explain blah blah blah....Then the reason is acceptable lah...Then i was like why i cried for? LOL. So please, when you want cry because you read some part that is sad or touch or whatever....Please read finish it, because it like a fool when the reason is acceptable....Okay lah....Got to help my brother to do the Desaru thingy....haiz....So irritating lor...Last time i study anderson primary don't even have this problem. Do some useless thing very fun meh? LOL.

Recently i very late then bathe.....Aiya i everyday late de the toilet is so scary....I even change my position and style when i washing my today...Because i'm not really use to it so the shampoo and water keep on running into my hurt lor WTF.... I'm not going to bathe like that liao...I still prefer my own style....i don't want to become blind...All is Yuri fault lor...Said what toilet ghost story...Aiya but the most fault is me lah...Go watch SNSD wonderful outing 2...Luckily that time my mum accompany me and watch together or else i freak out :P ..... Anyway those who read my blog please don't scold me or whatever...I am kpop fans especially SNSD and SHINee so yah....

My sister blog is dead....seriously dead....Only two posts seh....LOL....she do thing only 三分钟热度 just like me :) hahahaha :D anyway bye ;)

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