Tuesday, January 25, 2011

25/1/11 tuesday

Nothing interesting to talk....Today someone piss me off again! Yesterday i already tell her that i want join helper (sport day) Then she say okay... Then today i remind her again and you know what her reply? She say no space -.- fuck lah! Yesterday tell her already leh! !NO SPACE!!FUCK!!! idiot!!! Okay FINE! i don't wanna join anymore :( Then skip skip... Band.... Like that lor... Sectional slack!!! Then later at band play until siao... Skip skip... after band walk home with Claire... Walk until half way raining -.- I and her run ah!! Then laugh like crazy.. Actually we both have umbrella is just that lazy take out. Hahahaha :D we having so much fun then later go home. Then later eat, bathe, art!!! I already draw monalisa liao... Damn ugly... so fat and also look like guy. Then the hand and eyes OMG can go bang wall sibei ugly. I got Capture photo on to my sister phone... Quality damn lousy... can't even see -.- But nevermind i just take cause tomorrow i paint sure need to say byebye to that monalisa... my painting skill is sibei lousy de....Sister get new iphone i wonder why she didn't return my phone back -.- I miss my phone man :(... Anyway byebye :/

PS: today math test sure die die

PS: This is so cute and funny... Is SHINee :) watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5lBnY0SN0c

24/1/11 monday :D

Today went to school of course....headache....I really headache haiz...sick already....maybe because yesterday night very late then sleep bah haha now already okay le... Then sister iphone spoil again.... So exchange phone with her for some reason... then now i lost all contact -.- anyway my art haven do yet ahhhh!!!! tomorrow still have math test again -.- and still have presentation SHIT! i don't want :( OMO ._. tomorrow still have band :( Haiz.. nvm...bye...
PS: Obviously that picture is not i draw -.-

Monday, January 24, 2011

23/1/11 Sunday

Heehee my family cup :D If i not wrong the purple is sister, yellow is mine, green is dad, orange is mum and blue is brother....

BOO!!! Anyway the uncle that i hate come today LOL... I was shock that my brother scold him bad words LOL... I wish that i don't hate anyone but him.....forget it... i still hate him anyway...

I saw this comment on youtube....








But the uncle not success ah? LOL anyway good quote hahaha :D love it :)

Bye :D

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday 22.1.11

The ring is so big O.O

This heart is a pocket :)

The left is my brother do de :) Then middle and the white is i do de.
(Front) butterfly
Today is Saturday :D Early in the morning went to school....Waiting for ZiYun to reply my messages but she didn't so i walk to school alone lor. Then later when i walk to the traffic light i receive ZiYun message. So i wait for her... she oversleep....Then saw Chole she say want late liao faster go school...Then i was like okay. Then later saw my form teacher then she say i waiting for who then i say ZiYun...Then she ask me if she buy the biscuit nice anot and enough a not then i say can lah and with my big smile :D. Then she say see you later....Then later saw Lim Zhi...Then saw band de mates... Then saw math teacher...She ask the same things as my form teacher except no biscuit lah hahaha :D Then finally saw ZiYun then walk to school lor... With Travis and Eugene lor...Then like that................Skip Skip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay finally go out then walk a very very very very long distance. Then finally reach then i and Ziyun sit there do nothing....Listen songs etc.... Then later form teacher tell Ziyun and me to bring Caiyue home because she sick....So yah....Then she say she want go toilet so i bring her go lor....Then we use handicap toilet because another toilet cleaner is washing... Then is like the auntie is so long then later come out Caiyue go in... Then i want go also but got 1 pregnant lady want use so i give her first...Then later i want go in saw a auntie also want go so i let her in first lor....Then later the cleaner say North Vista Secondary school good :) Then i was very happy :D Then later ZiYun buy finish we lead caiyue to the LRT...Then walk back... Got a lot of things so we all go help lor... Got a lot of stuffs eh!! Got clothes, shoes, newspaper, magazine, toys, books etc then we help lor... newspaper tie with string... Then later the truck/lorry come so we bring all those things into the lorry/truck. Then we very early finish :) 11am finish eh... Then at veri nice coffee shop wait for my band mates lor...Then wait until 12pm then they come -.- i got a lot of patience hor :X Then eat... then walk to school... Then like that lor... play play play...........not play games ah is instrument...Then like that lor... Mr Ong say french horn play very well hahaha so happy to hear that :D then later 3pm Claire need to go for chruch then i alone playing solo horn 4 haiz... Then later after band no need fall in yay!!! Then walk with jiamin,Gwendolyn, Arfi (don't know how to spell his name) and Chole and Callie. HAHAHAA ;D we talk until keep on laughing and laughing non-stop HAHAHA :D very fun... They about Our instrutor then what nipple thing hahahaha :D so funny... And plus that time i eating biscuit then my biscuit fly out from my mouth lor hahahhaa :D so funny really very funny... too bad Claire is not there. Then reach home lor... Then jiu okay .....end here :) Homework haven do yet hahaha :D I draw Monalisa.. so diffcult sia...-.- Okay lah bye ahahaha :D

PS: The pictures is i holiday that time do de :D

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday 21/1/11

This picture is blur i dun know why....

Today is so sian.....Morning wake up like about 4am...Then on computer then do homework cos last night sleep until forgot to do -.- Then later i saw something that shock me.... Someone say my tumblr....LOL..... http://youreexposed.com/a/index.php?d=230932423&c=exposure-archives/1259401/1259401&v=my-thought-n-feeling&c=YWJjMTIzZnRiaDU0M3Nm
Click the link if you wanna see... I was kinda sad and happy LOL mixed feeling ._. Happy is because i think i am famous until people know me and hate me.... Sad is that a lot is negative comment... And dun know eh... LOL.... Then yah later after school come back LiXuan sms me say that those link is SCAM! IS FAKE! OKay thank you LiXuan for helping to find if is real or fake... I also know that LiXuan is angry that those stupid people scold me. Anyway if is real... I gonna scold them no life... And i will comfort myself that they are saying the pictures not me because pictures is i reblog de :P. Anyway already solve by LiXuan le :D Thank yah :)
Friday first period is science... No longer study acid and alkali liao... already over.... So now study matters.... and some other.... study until i blur like sotong -.- Then actually have test de, but because science one period so no time so become homework.

Second period is maths.... Test return us back and i only get 7/10.... So lousy mark -.- I still don't understand algebra. Can pass is by luck de lor.

Third period is CDP1... i thought need to pass up the port foilio file....But end up didn't phew~ because i didn't do xD.

Forth period is Chinese....... Then heard people reading???? i don't know eh i forgot liao... maybe the lesson doesn't impress me lol

Recess!!!! Eat spaghetti... It so delicious.

Then later english... Watch show? yah show... Then have test... sure die... don't know how to do.

Then D&T then like that lor... draw draw draw

Then return home....Play computer....Then sleep... Then eat then play com....haven bathe yet eh... need to go bathe liao bye. Anyway the punggol picture finally out :D

PS: A lot of mistake but cute love it :D They even slap each others butt hahaha :D (SNSD) I want to see if they have anymore mistake so i read the whole comment peoples post hahaha :D their mistakes is really damn cute :)
PS: Damn love this song... Visual dream by SNSD :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSQwCK_8VSM


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday :/

Have not been blogging for so many day le hahaha :D LOL....Can't really laugh cos today (Tuesday) I not happy....

Band!!!!!!! Then later go home....Change clothes....blah blah then go to someone wedding....I know him but don't know his name LOL.... Then like that lor.... I will show you picture but not today....Because no mood. Wedding totally suck! Their foods is not my favourite and at there is damn boring and sian... I keep on yawning.

I forgot what happen le.....I think is chiong-ing homework bah....

Change timetable....Then like that lor....

Geo~ Mr Chin come and teach us....i don't know why because our Geo teacher is Mr Tay.... Maybe he didn't come..

GPE~ Play basketball... Don't know who throw ball and knock until my head :(

Recess~ Eat lor... Change lor...

Science~ I think teacher is in the bad mood.... Then like that lor... go through Science notes :)

English~ Do worksheet while teacher explain the meaning :)

Math~ Do algebra lor.... i totally suck at algebra... I can't understand!!! Then a racist fight occur in our class....LOL... lame lor. One is AA one is help friends... WTF? A little bit jiu fight? Not totally fight lah just..... Only argue lah....But all because of that AA start first lor. 有事没事找事做-.-

Listen principal say thing lor.... Then is like we didn't talk the stupid PE teacher say what we talk blah blah blah wtf? Her ears got a lot of shit is it?

Teacher know the fighting case... Very angry....Then we CDP didn't do respect....We do something else....

Go home~~~~

Tuesday and that is today.... haiz...

NYAA~ run the whole school 3 rounds... those who didn't wear PE 4 rounds and 20 push up.... Then later run finish play floorball hahaha :D very fun :) I still remember the first score is i shoot in de ;) This also make me think of the basketball.... The first time people throw and i snatch with them xD

Algebra again -.- sian totally hate it!

Eat lor.... Change lor....Then get scolded from a stupid auntie lor... Actually we done nothing eh...what the hell keep on nag stupid bitch. Sure got 老人痴呆症.

Haiz... homework need to draw....

Write our thought about the article....

Copy notes...

I hate ICT nowadays because firstly.... It change teacher... Secondly group with somebody i don't like.... But i today felt that actually not that bad lah... at least still have TingLing in our group yah....

Go through notes :D Then okay liao lor ...

Then go eat......Then go band....Whole day sectional.....Then when we go back to
band room... Everyone face turn black....Ask them what happen....they say miss siao (not real name cos i put 'o' behind) come...Then scold them (wth) Then change Rachael to saxophones....Then Rachael is super duper sad...If they want change instrument why let us choose our instrument in the first place? I really don't understand.... But next time she come she gonna test us liao... So i prepare for not going syf cos i know the ah siao won't choose me....She still say French horn 5 peoples a lot of people... what the hell? Then yah like that lor. Then our sitting arrangement also change eh fuck lah! I totally hate it now. When we go home... everyone was like.... scolding her.... Example.... What lah thought her ear is what? tuner ah? know how to listen flat or sharp stupid old women bitch....I really think that it is so unfair.... we train so hard... Tuesday, Wednesday (alternate day), Thursday and Saturday we come and practice eh. even our 2 days holiday have been taken by band eh! We train so hard then in the end eh? They say we can't play well and ask us not to join syf! FUCK! THIS IS TOTALLY SUCK TTM. I already decide le... I going to quit band liao. But i still think that ah siao really very what lor. Erwin don't know how to read notes, don't know how to play but he in syf eh. FUCK! This is call stupid. Her ear got a lot a lot of shit! billion of shit! Even principal say even we don't play well we also need to participate... But what we participate? idiot. principal also lah... Keep on ball ball ball... he no ball meh?.

Anyway very angry now bye :/

Ps: all those red is i angry.... Anyway i know no people will read de lah... so long. -.-

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wed,Thu and Friday

Mum is washing bamboo stick and she was kinda freak out when she saw so many Lizard eggs hahaha :D This is one of them xD
Hello :D not blogging for 2,3 days..... Yah. Because sian mah. Okay lah.
10:15am reach school :)
Then math.... Math is so difficult! especially algebra :( don't understand at all :'(

Science.... Do experiment hahaha to test for hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide :) Is fun :D Hydrogen gas got the 'pop' sound then everyone xia dao including the teacher hahahaha :D Then the carbon dioxide is to wait the limewater or whatever lah to turn chalky wait until so freaking long.

Geo....Nothing really interesting....Copy notes lor. Anyway also don't really understand.

Chinese....Do composition....That day must finish....Then i stay back and do lor because i keep on help peoples write Chinese words until i no time -.-
Then later write finish, i go canteen and find ZiYun, Reichi then walk home together...
Then suddenly raining until very heavily so we kinda still walk? Then later ZiYun search her bag for umbrella, then she say her bag very big can't find but then she continues searching until she shout, i didn't bring! Then we was like laughing then go to the nearest bus-stop and then open my umbrella. Then the umbrella is quite small but i still share with ZiYun,ReiChi take bus go home. Then later we walk and talk lor. We all wet :D Then ZiYun say she want to blame the korean rain(a person) hahahaha. Then i was like laughing lor. Then at downstaire saw my parents, They all shock hahaha anyway...........I go home and then bathe then my books all wet!

Skip skip!!!! English period watch show then write in our textbook/workbook.
Skip skip!!! D&T. Drawing LOL. Then Lena forgot to bring something so i accompany her .
SKIP!!!~ ICT TOTALLY SUCK! I GROUP TO SOMEBODY THAT I DON'T LIKE FUCK!skipskip nothing to say liao....
waiting for band while doing my homework. Then Maths don't know how to do then Tell Claire teach me then she stare my paper for a while and she don't understand and don't know how to do too. Then later French Horn senior come so i tell him help me solve. Then he like not until 10second he already do finish then i was like what the hell so fast? Then i ask him how to do then he say this need experience.. then i was like what the fuck? Then he say aiya same formula only different step then he say this you always do you will know what to do...Then he run away... Okay lor FINE! I'm jealous okay? Do so fast -.-Then band.....Then see all those Secondary 1 then Mr Ong say change timetable again FUCK!Then later walking home with Claire saw Alfle?? Don't know how to spell his name. He told us that he think Callie is ghost. Then i was like why? then he say that time he walk home with Callie then she is beside him mah. Then he talk to her then he found out that he talking to himself... Because Callie was gone LOL. Then plus Rachael say that time band camp Callie always walk around then the slipper noise is like so scary.... Then she will stare at you... Yah...
I think Callie is not ghost but got problem.... :X
Friday and that is today ;)
History~ Do finish the workbook and then pass up :)

GPE! PE SIAN! Anyway play basket ball lor. Then keep on lose.... Lena, ReiChi and ZiYun injuried.....ZiYun pass ball to Lena then she knock until her finger. Then ZiYun Bounce the ball and hit until Lena stomach and Yolanda want throw ball to Lena but end up aiming Lena head ROLF! Then ZiYun is fall down while catching the ball. Then Reichi is ball knock until her chin.

Then later the teacher say lose team must run. WTF!!! Then we end up losing but didn't run. We help teacher keep those Basketball and then that is my first time go in PE room ;) Then is like Fatithah told the PE teacher let us run eh! Then i was like
Skipskip!!! English :) Watch video teaser and then do homework... That all.
Then reach home, Play computer, eat dinner then sleep then sleep until 3;am then wake up then bathe then now blogging then ow is 6am and i think i no need sleep le... Because i got band! Okay lah bye :)
PS: Lixuan say the biaach don't know how to sing Lucifer she still sing hahaha :D Pathetic her. How can like that insult a good song? I wonder how biaach sing it hahaha :D Please lah get a life.
Some people are REAL. Some people are GOOD. Some people are FAKE. And some people are REAL GOOD at being FAKE. -ohteenquotes.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

11.11.11, 11:11pm, 11:11 am

Oh my god! Love this date and time :D somemore my register number is 11 :]. And Seohyun love this number---} 11 :D

Monday, January 10, 2011

10.01.11 Monday & 11.11.11

This is my shirt ;D She buy for me de :]
This is Sister shirt :D She buy at bugis i think :]

Yesterday is like so sian.... Don't have band feel weird hahahaa ;D Didn't get scolded from English teacher. Haiz....Skip Skip~ Art time laughing like crazy hahaha :D Then skip skip~~ Science lesson....Whole class get scolded.... Then later have surprise Science test...Yah don't know how to do :( Just pass only... Haiz...Sad lah... Tomorrow still have science test somemore. She still say more difficult idiot.... Okay lah... Today art and D&T homework still need to print LOL. Haiz... Sian... Stress sia! Science test!!!~ Today Science test totally cannot make it... Haiz... I was so sad...Today date is so nice :D 11.11.11 and i 11.11am wish a wish hahaha :D But it didn't grant me LOL. Nothing interesting today actually...Today PE haiz... Running like hell! So tired. Literature keep on talking things like Shakespeare... Haiz... sian! Prepared to go Science remedial liao. But anyway free remedial i don't mind xD Haiz... Don't know how to do my D&T idiot. Last year do de all forgot liao. :( And then also print out my D&T things and art things because i think that my computer want spoil liao :(. Today band okok lor. Anyway nothing to say liao byebye :D

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday 9.1.11 Prizes giving



1 head 2 peoples help...

She reading Red Sky In The Morning :D

Milo :D

Although it look plain but the flavour is Chocolate :D Delicious :)

Yummy :P

Dian Xin :D eat with my sister :D

WTF?!? My brother throw until there!! Very dirty eh!
Front of the Money ;D
Back Of the Money :D
Today 8:45am my mum wake me up. But i go back to my sleep again. Then later wear uniform then go register then okay liao. Sit there... damn boring -.-. SMS sister and ZiYun hahaha :D Then like that lor. Nothing much. Then later finish we eat their buffets. Eat alot hahaha :D We are kiasu LOL. Then yah like that lor. Then go home. Then i go bathe. Play computer. Then Sleep!!! I lack of sleep LOL. Then like that lor. Nothing much....Tomorrow got school..sian.... Still got art somemore -.- Haven pack bag yet LOL. Afternoon My mum bamboo inside have Lizard eggs! COOL!~ Hahaha :D anyway nothing much so bye :D

PS: Feel that i'm gonna sick soon :(
PS: Friday i do the composition is rubbish. Sure tio scolding.
PS: I always feel that 11:11 always go very fast :(
Ps: Uploading sister rebonding that time :) The picture is not in order i think...
Ps: 75 peoples like my comment on youtube :D

Sunday 9.1.11- One week not enough sleep

Now is 1:40am hahaha :D Later morning is going to take my money heehee :D Saturday band is okok lor...The teacher is kinda funny....Yah... Then Friday CCA carnival is good :D Got 1 class...Half of the pupils join band :D So happy about it :D Plurk recently is so quiet but just now is quite noisy. Because there Tinzar, Me, LiXuan, Deon and LiWen hahaha ;D Then talk about SNSD :) Finally know why SNSD got so many haters/antis. Because of SNSD sones...Too overprotective liao...Haiz poor thing ;( Okay lah byebye ;D

PS: Headache :(
Ps: Finally change my blogskin :D LOVE IT!
PS: 1 week not enough sleep! I now have dark circle :(

Friday, January 7, 2011

Thursday 6.1.2011

Hello :D it is now 1am++ and i'm not sleeping hahaha :D Just read finish fanfiction :) Damn love the ending :) Today ICT lesson is so cool :) Keep laughing until crazy hahaha :D They also talking about porn too :X so pervert. Then....Okay skip~ Skip to Band :) Liang Hao sick so he didn't play he go home. Then only 2 seniors :) Didn't get scolded heehee :) Then sectional is all slack~~~ Then we keep on talking and talking. About study to relationship hahaha :D so fun ;) Then i found out that if my lip not too tired i can actually get to play high note :) WOOHOO~~~ So happy with it :) Anyway Got to go sleep le :) Wish LiXuan get well soon too, she sick :( So yah get well soon :D Then tomorrow Friday still have band :( For the CCA carnival....Yah...Sad :( Band actually is Monday de then change to Tuesday... haiz... Sian... why change? Don't know lah... Tomorrow have PE...sian sure very tired de... Okay lah bye :)

The fanfiction that i already read finish and can consider nice :) I love the ending :)
Ps: Got uniform check luckily didn't tio caught or else diedie! Uniform check suck!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Today 5.1.2011

Okay it is already 12am so it counted as Thursday but i don't care LOL :P. Today the most interesting part is Science :D Although i got a bit blur about acid and alkali but yah nevermind. Today do experiment. COOL! It change colour!! Blue to red, red to blue. Still have dark purple and pink colour!! OMO i love the colour is so colourful but sadly is dangerous....Hahaha ;D Homework hahahaa ALOT! :( So yah do until 12am hahaha. Actually i sleep in the afternoon mah. It is so tired :(. So yah. And also sorry LiXuan that i can't call you. I'm really really very sorry. So yah...Then walk home with Gillian. Then later at bus-stop saw Claire. Claire told me that Today have band and we both didn't go. SHIT LOR! Tomorrow still tio scolded by senior and maybe teacher or maybe instructor. But the reason is we don't even know. No one call me or sms me eh. Chole say got announcement but yah... i didn't heard that. So yah die die :'( Then Friday also have band. Still need to wear Band tee somemore. My band Tee is like so big. LOL but nevermind :) Yah. Today didn't go... No one playing French Horn 4 :( But luckily Last time senior help us play. Idiot lor! I don't wanna die tomorrow eh. HELP! But really, we don't know. So yah....Allkpop award come out le!! I was happy to see SHINee name twice. But i didn't saw SNSD. SNSD LOSE TO 2NE1 EH! How can this be? LOL anyway my class now is 2N1 then i keep on write 2NE1 LOL. Anyway yah byebye :D I want read fanfiction :D LOVE IT!
PS: ewwwww i just touch dead spider by accident WTF! Quickly wash hand with soap :/
Ps: Yesterday see my hight and weight OMO 1 year i grow 1 cm only...Now is 151cm :( sad... Please! i want grow taller.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First day of school. 4.1.11

Today is the first day of school. I wear my longest skirt LOL. My skirt all very long de lah. Then walk school with ZiYun. Then she show me her Hoot Disc. Damn nice :D I wish i have one hahaha :D Then reach school, sit down lor. Quite bored....Nothing is interesting. Then later in the class i sit with Lena. But later change place haiz....So i sit and the very very front :(. Sit with Sim Jun....LOL why my life is siting with guy de? But ZiYun more worse. Shirley sit beside her hahaha :D this is fate lah xD. Then later like that lor. All teacher change except our Form teacher. I hate my class timetable. So many PE!!! *faint* Plus our co-form teacher is PE teacher so yah gg.com liao. PE always must run 2.4km liao :'(. Then until Science lesson....Teacher say i can go express Science...So yah i today go there to see how is it. But in the end i still prefer NA science :) So yah i decided to come back :D Then maybe that express Science chance give to Gillian :D Anyway i don't mind de :D Then later go back home. Then Miracle occur because i go bathe hahaha :D my mum say miracle occur. Then bathe finish, use computer. Copy notes from ZiYun. Thank yah :D Then later do science then eat dinner then do science then sleep :) Then later wake up do science then pack bag and then read fanfiction!!! hahaha i inlove le lah xD Then yah like that lor. Bag damn heavy...found out that ZiYun and LiXuan at youtube watch we get married...Yah and in the end they all fall in love with CN blue xD okay lah. I want to read my Fanfiction le. Bye:D

Monday, January 3, 2011

Today :D 3.1.2011

OMO!!!!! Tomorrow going to school...haiz.....:( Anyway nevermind lah :D Today me and LiXuan laugh a lot hahahaha :D Because LiXuan want to write story on fanfiction so yah give her idea xD But i didn't do xD So yah...her story have me so we all need to put nickname in it. So i put rabbecca then she laugh say is Rebbecca....Then our story also have SHINee...So i choose Jonghyun while LiXuan choose onew.....LiXuan actually ask me...She choose onew or Taemin? So i say Taemin too young...Then later she say but Onew too old LOL....Then because i was eating then when i read this i laugh until my rice fly away from my mouth hahahaa ;D kinda disgusting but anyway yah....Then later at plurk....She say she stomachache....Then i say i also then i also say i just now still go toilet....Then later she say go toilet do chocolate cake? Then i was like NO! not cake is hot chocolate....Then we all burst out laughing hahaha :D Then later yah... keep on laugh. Then later i go bathe then later bathe finish she call me then yah....Like that lor. Then we say about the story then say until we laugh...Then we just keep on laugh hahaha :D So funny:D when LiXuan write finish the story i let you all see :D Bye Good Night :D


Sunday, January 2, 2011

bye 2010, hello 2011

Hello :D Friday, 11:30pm watching korean golden disk awards :D Super Junior, SNSD and SHINee rock! :D Okay so now is 2011...No longer 2010...So i wish 2011 treat me good...But i don't think so because....I have bad dream!~ The first day of 2011 i have bad dream....IDIOT! Okay i'm reading Fanfiction...Is LiXuan recommend me to read de :D so yah...Nice :D

This is the link :D : http://www.asianfanfics.com/browse/latest

I have been reading this story...Is about Love xD. I like love story :X
This is what i read : http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/17829/1/heart-ache-minho-onew-shinee

So yah....The girl is reader and there Onew and Minho in this story....I quite like it :) But please mentally prepared....Those who like Onew yah...Prepared he is a bad guy :X lol Anyway no offence ah i'm SHINee fans...I just warned only...Onew part also quite less....Minho is the main and the reader too :D So please enjoy :D OMO i feel like watch rewatch SHINee hello baby :X Anyway the story quite short... I only take 1 day to read finish :D so yah enjoy bye :D

P.S. Bye 2010, Hello 2011, 2011 please treat me good good de :D

11:11pm i wish for something that never even cross my mind before....