Monday, January 10, 2011

10.01.11 Monday & 11.11.11

This is my shirt ;D She buy for me de :]
This is Sister shirt :D She buy at bugis i think :]

Yesterday is like so sian.... Don't have band feel weird hahahaa ;D Didn't get scolded from English teacher. Haiz....Skip Skip~ Art time laughing like crazy hahaha :D Then skip skip~~ Science lesson....Whole class get scolded.... Then later have surprise Science test...Yah don't know how to do :( Just pass only... Haiz...Sad lah... Tomorrow still have science test somemore. She still say more difficult idiot.... Okay lah... Today art and D&T homework still need to print LOL. Haiz... Sian... Stress sia! Science test!!!~ Today Science test totally cannot make it... Haiz... I was so sad...Today date is so nice :D 11.11.11 and i 11.11am wish a wish hahaha :D But it didn't grant me LOL. Nothing interesting today actually...Today PE haiz... Running like hell! So tired. Literature keep on talking things like Shakespeare... Haiz... sian! Prepared to go Science remedial liao. But anyway free remedial i don't mind xD Haiz... Don't know how to do my D&T idiot. Last year do de all forgot liao. :( And then also print out my D&T things and art things because i think that my computer want spoil liao :(. Today band okok lor. Anyway nothing to say liao byebye :D

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