Tuesday, January 25, 2011

25/1/11 tuesday

Nothing interesting to talk....Today someone piss me off again! Yesterday i already tell her that i want join helper (sport day) Then she say okay... Then today i remind her again and you know what her reply? She say no space -.- fuck lah! Yesterday tell her already leh! !NO SPACE!!FUCK!!! idiot!!! Okay FINE! i don't wanna join anymore :( Then skip skip... Band.... Like that lor... Sectional slack!!! Then later at band play until siao... Skip skip... after band walk home with Claire... Walk until half way raining -.- I and her run ah!! Then laugh like crazy.. Actually we both have umbrella is just that lazy take out. Hahahaha :D we having so much fun then later go home. Then later eat, bathe, art!!! I already draw monalisa liao... Damn ugly... so fat and also look like guy. Then the hand and eyes OMG can go bang wall sibei ugly. I got Capture photo on to my sister phone... Quality damn lousy... can't even see -.- But nevermind i just take cause tomorrow i paint sure need to say byebye to that monalisa... my painting skill is sibei lousy de....Sister get new iphone i wonder why she didn't return my phone back -.- I miss my phone man :(... Anyway byebye :/

PS: today math test sure die die

PS: This is so cute and funny... Is SHINee :) watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5lBnY0SN0c
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