Sunday, January 2, 2011

bye 2010, hello 2011

Hello :D Friday, 11:30pm watching korean golden disk awards :D Super Junior, SNSD and SHINee rock! :D Okay so now is 2011...No longer 2010...So i wish 2011 treat me good...But i don't think so because....I have bad dream!~ The first day of 2011 i have bad dream....IDIOT! Okay i'm reading Fanfiction...Is LiXuan recommend me to read de :D so yah...Nice :D

This is the link :D :

I have been reading this story...Is about Love xD. I like love story :X
This is what i read :

So yah....The girl is reader and there Onew and Minho in this story....I quite like it :) But please mentally prepared....Those who like Onew yah...Prepared he is a bad guy :X lol Anyway no offence ah i'm SHINee fans...I just warned only...Onew part also quite less....Minho is the main and the reader too :D So please enjoy :D OMO i feel like watch rewatch SHINee hello baby :X Anyway the story quite short... I only take 1 day to read finish :D so yah enjoy bye :D

P.S. Bye 2010, Hello 2011, 2011 please treat me good good de :D

11:11pm i wish for something that never even cross my mind before....
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