Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First day of school. 4.1.11

Today is the first day of school. I wear my longest skirt LOL. My skirt all very long de lah. Then walk school with ZiYun. Then she show me her Hoot Disc. Damn nice :D I wish i have one hahaha :D Then reach school, sit down lor. Quite bored....Nothing is interesting. Then later in the class i sit with Lena. But later change place haiz....So i sit and the very very front :(. Sit with Sim Jun....LOL why my life is siting with guy de? But ZiYun more worse. Shirley sit beside her hahaha :D this is fate lah xD. Then later like that lor. All teacher change except our Form teacher. I hate my class timetable. So many PE!!! *faint* Plus our co-form teacher is PE teacher so yah gg.com liao. PE always must run 2.4km liao :'(. Then until Science lesson....Teacher say i can go express Science...So yah i today go there to see how is it. But in the end i still prefer NA science :) So yah i decided to come back :D Then maybe that express Science chance give to Gillian :D Anyway i don't mind de :D Then later go back home. Then Miracle occur because i go bathe hahaha :D my mum say miracle occur. Then bathe finish, use computer. Copy notes from ZiYun. Thank yah :D Then later do science then eat dinner then do science then sleep :) Then later wake up do science then pack bag and then read fanfiction!!! hahaha i inlove le lah xD Then yah like that lor. Bag damn heavy...found out that ZiYun and LiXuan at youtube watch we get married...Yah and in the end they all fall in love with CN blue xD okay lah. I want to read my Fanfiction le. Bye:D
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