Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday 21/1/11

This picture is blur i dun know why....

Today is so sian.....Morning wake up like about 4am...Then on computer then do homework cos last night sleep until forgot to do -.- Then later i saw something that shock me.... Someone say my tumblr....LOL.....
Click the link if you wanna see... I was kinda sad and happy LOL mixed feeling ._. Happy is because i think i am famous until people know me and hate me.... Sad is that a lot is negative comment... And dun know eh... LOL.... Then yah later after school come back LiXuan sms me say that those link is SCAM! IS FAKE! OKay thank you LiXuan for helping to find if is real or fake... I also know that LiXuan is angry that those stupid people scold me. Anyway if is real... I gonna scold them no life... And i will comfort myself that they are saying the pictures not me because pictures is i reblog de :P. Anyway already solve by LiXuan le :D Thank yah :)
Friday first period is science... No longer study acid and alkali liao... already over.... So now study matters.... and some other.... study until i blur like sotong -.- Then actually have test de, but because science one period so no time so become homework.

Second period is maths.... Test return us back and i only get 7/10.... So lousy mark -.- I still don't understand algebra. Can pass is by luck de lor.

Third period is CDP1... i thought need to pass up the port foilio file....But end up didn't phew~ because i didn't do xD.

Forth period is Chinese....... Then heard people reading???? i don't know eh i forgot liao... maybe the lesson doesn't impress me lol

Recess!!!! Eat spaghetti... It so delicious.

Then later english... Watch show? yah show... Then have test... sure die... don't know how to do.

Then D&T then like that lor... draw draw draw

Then return home....Play computer....Then sleep... Then eat then play com....haven bathe yet eh... need to go bathe liao bye. Anyway the punggol picture finally out :D

PS: A lot of mistake but cute love it :D They even slap each others butt hahaha :D (SNSD) I want to see if they have anymore mistake so i read the whole comment peoples post hahaha :D their mistakes is really damn cute :)
PS: Damn love this song... Visual dream by SNSD :D


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