Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday 22.1.11

The ring is so big O.O

This heart is a pocket :)

The left is my brother do de :) Then middle and the white is i do de.
(Front) butterfly
Today is Saturday :D Early in the morning went to school....Waiting for ZiYun to reply my messages but she didn't so i walk to school alone lor. Then later when i walk to the traffic light i receive ZiYun message. So i wait for her... she oversleep....Then saw Chole she say want late liao faster go school...Then i was like okay. Then later saw my form teacher then she say i waiting for who then i say ZiYun...Then she ask me if she buy the biscuit nice anot and enough a not then i say can lah and with my big smile :D. Then she say see you later....Then later saw Lim Zhi...Then saw band de mates... Then saw math teacher...She ask the same things as my form teacher except no biscuit lah hahaha :D Then finally saw ZiYun then walk to school lor... With Travis and Eugene lor...Then like that................Skip Skip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay finally go out then walk a very very very very long distance. Then finally reach then i and Ziyun sit there do nothing....Listen songs etc.... Then later form teacher tell Ziyun and me to bring Caiyue home because she sick....So yah....Then she say she want go toilet so i bring her go lor....Then we use handicap toilet because another toilet cleaner is washing... Then is like the auntie is so long then later come out Caiyue go in... Then i want go also but got 1 pregnant lady want use so i give her first...Then later i want go in saw a auntie also want go so i let her in first lor....Then later the cleaner say North Vista Secondary school good :) Then i was very happy :D Then later ZiYun buy finish we lead caiyue to the LRT...Then walk back... Got a lot of things so we all go help lor... Got a lot of stuffs eh!! Got clothes, shoes, newspaper, magazine, toys, books etc then we help lor... newspaper tie with string... Then later the truck/lorry come so we bring all those things into the lorry/truck. Then we very early finish :) 11am finish eh... Then at veri nice coffee shop wait for my band mates lor...Then wait until 12pm then they come -.- i got a lot of patience hor :X Then eat... then walk to school... Then like that lor... play play play...........not play games ah is instrument...Then like that lor... Mr Ong say french horn play very well hahaha so happy to hear that :D then later 3pm Claire need to go for chruch then i alone playing solo horn 4 haiz... Then later after band no need fall in yay!!! Then walk with jiamin,Gwendolyn, Arfi (don't know how to spell his name) and Chole and Callie. HAHAHAA ;D we talk until keep on laughing and laughing non-stop HAHAHA :D very fun... They about Our instrutor then what nipple thing hahahaha :D so funny... And plus that time i eating biscuit then my biscuit fly out from my mouth lor hahahhaa :D so funny really very funny... too bad Claire is not there. Then reach home lor... Then jiu okay .....end here :) Homework haven do yet hahaha :D I draw Monalisa.. so diffcult sia...-.- Okay lah bye ahahaha :D

PS: The pictures is i holiday that time do de :D
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