Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday 9.1.11 Prizes giving



1 head 2 peoples help...

She reading Red Sky In The Morning :D

Milo :D

Although it look plain but the flavour is Chocolate :D Delicious :)

Yummy :P

Dian Xin :D eat with my sister :D

WTF?!? My brother throw until there!! Very dirty eh!
Front of the Money ;D
Back Of the Money :D
Today 8:45am my mum wake me up. But i go back to my sleep again. Then later wear uniform then go register then okay liao. Sit there... damn boring -.-. SMS sister and ZiYun hahaha :D Then like that lor. Nothing much. Then later finish we eat their buffets. Eat alot hahaha :D We are kiasu LOL. Then yah like that lor. Then go home. Then i go bathe. Play computer. Then Sleep!!! I lack of sleep LOL. Then like that lor. Nothing much....Tomorrow got school..sian.... Still got art somemore -.- Haven pack bag yet LOL. Afternoon My mum bamboo inside have Lizard eggs! COOL!~ Hahaha :D anyway nothing much so bye :D

PS: Feel that i'm gonna sick soon :(
PS: Friday i do the composition is rubbish. Sure tio scolding.
PS: I always feel that 11:11 always go very fast :(
Ps: Uploading sister rebonding that time :) The picture is not in order i think...
Ps: 75 peoples like my comment on youtube :D
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