Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday 9.1.11- One week not enough sleep

Now is 1:40am hahaha :D Later morning is going to take my money heehee :D Saturday band is okok lor...The teacher is kinda funny....Yah... Then Friday CCA carnival is good :D Got 1 class...Half of the pupils join band :D So happy about it :D Plurk recently is so quiet but just now is quite noisy. Because there Tinzar, Me, LiXuan, Deon and LiWen hahaha ;D Then talk about SNSD :) Finally know why SNSD got so many haters/antis. Because of SNSD sones...Too overprotective liao...Haiz poor thing ;( Okay lah byebye ;D

PS: Headache :(
Ps: Finally change my blogskin :D LOVE IT!
PS: 1 week not enough sleep! I now have dark circle :(
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