Friday, January 7, 2011

Thursday 6.1.2011

Hello :D it is now 1am++ and i'm not sleeping hahaha :D Just read finish fanfiction :) Damn love the ending :) Today ICT lesson is so cool :) Keep laughing until crazy hahaha :D They also talking about porn too :X so pervert. Then....Okay skip~ Skip to Band :) Liang Hao sick so he didn't play he go home. Then only 2 seniors :) Didn't get scolded heehee :) Then sectional is all slack~~~ Then we keep on talking and talking. About study to relationship hahaha :D so fun ;) Then i found out that if my lip not too tired i can actually get to play high note :) WOOHOO~~~ So happy with it :) Anyway Got to go sleep le :) Wish LiXuan get well soon too, she sick :( So yah get well soon :D Then tomorrow Friday still have band :( For the CCA carnival....Yah...Sad :( Band actually is Monday de then change to Tuesday... haiz... Sian... why change? Don't know lah... Tomorrow have PE...sian sure very tired de... Okay lah bye :)

The fanfiction that i already read finish and can consider nice :) I love the ending :)
Ps: Got uniform check luckily didn't tio caught or else diedie! Uniform check suck!
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