Thursday, January 6, 2011

Today 5.1.2011

Okay it is already 12am so it counted as Thursday but i don't care LOL :P. Today the most interesting part is Science :D Although i got a bit blur about acid and alkali but yah nevermind. Today do experiment. COOL! It change colour!! Blue to red, red to blue. Still have dark purple and pink colour!! OMO i love the colour is so colourful but sadly is dangerous....Hahaha ;D Homework hahahaa ALOT! :( So yah do until 12am hahaha. Actually i sleep in the afternoon mah. It is so tired :(. So yah. And also sorry LiXuan that i can't call you. I'm really really very sorry. So yah...Then walk home with Gillian. Then later at bus-stop saw Claire. Claire told me that Today have band and we both didn't go. SHIT LOR! Tomorrow still tio scolded by senior and maybe teacher or maybe instructor. But the reason is we don't even know. No one call me or sms me eh. Chole say got announcement but yah... i didn't heard that. So yah die die :'( Then Friday also have band. Still need to wear Band tee somemore. My band Tee is like so big. LOL but nevermind :) Yah. Today didn't go... No one playing French Horn 4 :( But luckily Last time senior help us play. Idiot lor! I don't wanna die tomorrow eh. HELP! But really, we don't know. So yah....Allkpop award come out le!! I was happy to see SHINee name twice. But i didn't saw SNSD. SNSD LOSE TO 2NE1 EH! How can this be? LOL anyway my class now is 2N1 then i keep on write 2NE1 LOL. Anyway yah byebye :D I want read fanfiction :D LOVE IT!
PS: ewwwww i just touch dead spider by accident WTF! Quickly wash hand with soap :/
Ps: Yesterday see my hight and weight OMO 1 year i grow 1 cm only...Now is 151cm :( sad... Please! i want grow taller.
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