Monday, January 3, 2011

Today :D 3.1.2011

OMO!!!!! Tomorrow going to school...haiz.....:( Anyway nevermind lah :D Today me and LiXuan laugh a lot hahahaha :D Because LiXuan want to write story on fanfiction so yah give her idea xD But i didn't do xD So yah...her story have me so we all need to put nickname in it. So i put rabbecca then she laugh say is Rebbecca....Then our story also have SHINee...So i choose Jonghyun while LiXuan choose onew.....LiXuan actually ask me...She choose onew or Taemin? So i say Taemin too young...Then later she say but Onew too old LOL....Then because i was eating then when i read this i laugh until my rice fly away from my mouth hahahaa ;D kinda disgusting but anyway yah....Then later at plurk....She say she stomachache....Then i say i also then i also say i just now still go toilet....Then later she say go toilet do chocolate cake? Then i was like NO! not cake is hot chocolate....Then we all burst out laughing hahaha :D Then later yah... keep on laugh. Then later i go bathe then later bathe finish she call me then yah....Like that lor. Then we say about the story then say until we laugh...Then we just keep on laugh hahaha :D So funny:D when LiXuan write finish the story i let you all see :D Bye Good Night :D

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